How To Write Great Product Descriptions For Your Online Jewelry Shop Or

UnCategorized While not everyone is a writer (nor should they try to be!) writing product descriptions for your jewelry website or online shop is easy when you imagine yourself talking to your best friend on the telephone and sharing information about your business with her. Think of how you’d describe the bracelet you made last week for a client’s wedding. You might tell her about the lobster claw clasp you used, or that it was made of a delicate sterling silver chain and contained four charms. You wouldn’t use stilted language, or try to be "proper" or sound like a writer. You’d just chat with your friend and share details she’d be interested in. Write product descriptions for your site the same way and you can’t lose. When you’re writing for online readers, it’s best to keep your sentences and paragraphs short, use contractions when that’s what you’d use in your speech, and use .mon words. Never use three words when one will do, and always consider what will interest your reader. Online marketers use an acronym that will help… WIIFM. What’s In It For Me? If you can answer that question in your website content, you’ll go a long way in providing quality writing that will attract visitors and keep them on your website longer – which greatly improves the chances they’ll buy something from you. Your front page, in particular, or your shop description if you are using Etsy or a similar site to sell your products, should be about the benefits of your website and what those benefits mean to your customers. Never put an "about us" page on the front page of your site. It says to the reader that you care more about yourself than about her! And that will cause her to leave as quick as a click. Instead, list the benefits of buying from you… the needs your jewelry fulfills in your customer’s life, the way she’ll feel when she wears those gold hoop earrings, the way people will .pliment her taste when she buys them a gift from your site. Let her know what your jewelry will do for her and you can’t miss. Include benefits and features of your item in your product descriptions as well. Don’t force your customer to search all over the site for information. Include it where it’s easy to find and describe it as you would someone over the telephone. Include as many details as possible. Writing product descriptions for your jewelry website is just that easy. Once you’ve written your information, be sure to proofread it carefully. Check for typos, grammatical errors and mistakes that hinder .prehension. Read it aloud if it helps, or ask a friend to read it over. If it’s not clear, rewrite it until it is. While you may not be a professional writer, and you may decide it’s best to hire someone to write the product descriptions for your jewelry website or Etsy shop, you can create well-written descriptions with a little effort and attention to detail. Just keep in mind that what you write is a reflection on your business, so do your best and be sure it says what you mean. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: