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How to solve the city congestion problem [Abstract] since March this year to carry out traffic regulation since, as of now, Shanghai city’s illegal parking alarm number decreased 24.1%, 17.1% decline in the number of congestion alarm class downtown Huangpu River, since the change happens quietly, since March this year to carry out traffic regulation as of now, Shanghai city’s illegal parking alarm the decline in the number of 24.1%, congestion class alarm number decreased by 17.1%; the death toll and the number of road traffic accidents, the number of injured were down by 24.27%, 13.62%, 46.69%; the urban trunk elevated road, central business district congestion reducing daily peak hours more than 1 hours, more than 1 times the speed of bus lane. Survey shows that over 90% of the respondents were satisfied with the effectiveness of remediation. People with emotion, past surging traffic chaos, law-abiding, civilized "gradient for the order of the United States"; traffic jams, chaos, and less plugging unit, vehicle comity much better law-abiding, go. Focus on the crux of "zero tolerance" to "law is not responsible for the masses of more than 430 vehicles, more than 650 people, nearly 10 million vehicles driving non motor vehicle…… In the 6340 square kilometers of the city. In Shanghai City, the traffic jam is "stubborn" is the pain of people. In this regard, the Shanghai municipal Party committee, municipal government focus on promoting the city governance capacity and governance system modernization, make up the short board of the comprehensive traffic management decision, the illegal act of road traffic regulation as one of the major initiatives. In the various causes of the disorder of road traffic in Shanghai, traffic violations accounted for more than 30%; up to 80% of traffic accidents caused by traffic violations." Shanghai Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps captain Xing Peiyi said. Traffic remediation around the rectification illegal this key, always maintain zero tolerance trend. To disclose illegal heavy blows remediation measures is one of the. A large renovation before the Longhua gate of the hospital unit illegal phenomenon is serious, let the doctor and patient suffering. With the improvement in depth, the hospital door illegal sounding disappeared. The gate of the hospital a lot of traffic coming and orderly. "Keep a small illegal, to deter those who live in an attempt to further curb offenders, a serious violation of the law." Xuhui branch of the Traffic Police Detachment Battalion Yu Lu deep feeling. In order to improve the effectiveness of law enforcement, Shanghai city public security organs put more police put on the street, law enforcement authority and decentralization, supporting issued "law enforcement guidelines", unified standards of law enforcement; in order to make the police more clout to crack down on the obstruction of official crimes, maintain law enforcement authority. Major renovation started a month, the city investigated and dealt with 264 cases of police law enforcement cases, criminal detention of 109 people, administrative detention of 97 people, deterrent effect. Break the boundaries of the formation of CO governance sharing pattern is not my grandfather?" The illegal traffic civilization class plays video, Changning District new Hongqiao primary school students in small eyes, staring at the electric car ride Luanchuanmalu figure screen. "Fines may not teach adults, but a child may be able to touch them." New Hongqiao elementary school principal Hu Jingbo said相关的主题文章: