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How to set up fast station H5 poster logo, loading page? 2016 – Sohu technology at the beginning of the new year, fast flow station, continue to bring surprises, sweet one of the benefits: H5 fast loading page free poster! This has been praised by the Webmaster: here is a detailed description: how to customize the fast poster logo, loading page settings? Do you have a custom custom loading page? A login, quick stop, check two, click on the poster posters in the list of the "details", see the poster details: see list list: horizontal vertical poster details: three, click "load the page settings, you can choose different elements to check the match loading progress bar in four different styles, style logo display locations are different: load the page down down down classic polygon ring down load the page down load the page down down windmill down load the page according to the demand, can delete the page elements: according to the needs of corporate image, can modify the color settings: four, common collocation recommended card Tips: use the same color card on the adjacent color, not easy to make mistakes Oh ~ know more, please pay attention to Sohu fast station official website

如何设置快站H5海报logo、加载页面?-搜狐科技   2016新年伊始,快站顺势而为,持续为大家带来惊喜,甜蜜福利之一:H5快海报加载页完全免费!   此举获得站长一致好评:      下面就为大家详细介绍:   如何自定义快海报logo、加载页设置?肿么做好看的自定义加载页?   一、登录快站,查看海报      二、点击海报列表中的“详情”,查看海报详细信息   竖排列表:      横排列表:      查看海报详细信息:      三、点击“加载页设置”,可选择不同元素,进行勾选搭配      加载进度条四大样式,不同样式下logo展示位置有差异:   ↓ 经典加载页 ↓      ↓ 多边形加载页 ↓      ↓ 环形加载页 ↓      ↓ 风车式加载页 ↓      根据需求,可删除页面元素:      根据企业形象需求,可修改颜色设置:      四、常用搭配色卡推荐                              Tips:使用同一色卡上相邻的颜色,不会轻易出错哦~   了解更多,请关注搜狐快站官网 相关的主题文章: