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Web-Design There are many blog sites over the Internet today and most of them focus on different topics for their readers. However, even though the content is very much different from one blog site to another, the blog design of blog sites are still very similar to one another and that is causing a problem. Don’t you know that the layout and design of a blog site or a website can make or break the overall experience of a reader? Put yourself in the position of a reader; imagine that you are looking through dozens of blog sites. After looking at all of them, quickly think which one made an impact to you and which one do you remember the most? It is probably the blog site that has the best blog design. This is simply because it captured your eye and it was visually pleasing to you. And if you want to give your readers a pleasant reading experience and then make it a point to create an unforgettable and unique blog design for your blog site. Again, the goal here is to capture the interest of your reader in the first few seconds of viewing your blog site and to be able to do this, you need to .e up with a unique and distinct blog design from other blog sites. Here are some tips on how you can do this: The first is to think of a unique idea that is far from the normal blog designs that you can see. No, you don’t have to put bold images and chaotic color .binations, you will just need to think of a color scheme and use it in a different way. You can put an image that will best describe your blog site and this image should be created by yourself. The next tip is to pay attention to all the details of blog design in your blog site. Sometimes, blog owners will just focus on the main layout and headers, things that are seen immediately when the blog site opens but this shouldn’t be the case. You’d want to change the design of your rails, .ment box and your footer as well. This way, the blog design will have a more unified and .plete look which is aesthetically pleasing for your readers. The third tip is to make your blog design functional. Having a good blog design is great but it will be a big plus if you make it functional. What do we mean by functional? You can add scripts or plug-ins that will make your blog site interactive. There are blog site plug-ins that can make the user interface easier and more fun for the readers when browsing your website. Remember, to be apart from others, you will need to provide a whole new experience for your readers. Keep in mind that you are not changing your blog design just because you want to be different. Although being unique is one of the reasons, you must also change it to make a more positive impact on your readers. This will show that you care for your readers as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: