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How to increase the general principles of civil law draft of the minors’guardianship cited hot – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on October 30th news (reporter Hou Yan) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, the general rules of civil law draft two reviewers tomorrow (31 days) will be submitted to the NPC Standing Committee, the draft on how to increase the guardianship of minors hot topic. From 2013, the case of starving girls in Nanjing, to last year’s child abuse case in Nanjing, so that minors guardianship system has become the focus of social concern. The general principles of civil law draft by the enumerated provisions, revoke the guardian, but at the same time also made provisions, restore guardianship pointed out: "the original guardian is revoked by the people’s court guardianship, repentance situation, through the application, the people’s court as the case may be restored to its guardianship, guardianship new guardian of people’s court the specified and be terminated at the same time the guardian." Many people have different opinions on this clause, Tianjin Municipal People’s Procuratorate Yu Shiping said that in practice, if the new guardian and the guardian has established a good relationship of trust, just because the original Guardian recovery qualification, this has the confidence to establish a good relationship between the new care and respect be stopped immediately, the conflict will guardian the principle of. Therefore, suggest that the sentence is amended as "by the guardian or guardian to protect the interests it is necessary under the situation of new guardian guardianship designated by the people’s court and be terminated at the same time the guardian." Wu Zhiqin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the people’s Congress of Jiangxi, Jingdezhen, believes that there is indeed repentance identified in practice will be difficult to operate, it is proposed to delete this clause. In view of the current between China’s urban and rural labor flow in different places, the status of left behind children’s problems, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, vice president Li Peilin suggested that the provisions of the supervision system, supervision of the guardian does not fulfill or not properly perform their duties of guardianship, promote the improvement. For example, rural parents long-term migrant workers, although nominally the guardian, but in fact not the left-behind children perform their duties of guardianship; left-behind children even have grandparents and other relatives, also have Guardian points is unknown, unclear responsibility of the guardian. If there is guardianship supervision system, you can ask the left behind children’s parents to work in the city, you must first entrust a specific person as guardian, in order to clear guardianship duties. In addition, can set up monitoring and supervision, served by the village or neighborhood, found in the absence of a guardian, the guardian or guardian to request re elected; breach of guardianship, corrected. In this way, it will be more conducive to the protection of left behind children and other guardians of the rights and interests.相关的主题文章: