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UnCategorized If you don’t know how to find survival food outdoors, you are in for a rude shock. It is vital to know how to stay alive when you don’t have prepared food and water to support you. Food is the third most important thing after shelter and water. Making the best of all the food that nature has provided is the best that you can do in any situation. To be fair, there are many plants and wild animals which you can hunt and satiate your hunger with. But you should know the tricks of finding the right kind of plants and the best technique for hunting wild animals. Fish is also an option if there are creeks in the place where you have to fend for yourself. Learning To Trap Animals Since you may not have firearms to assist you in hunting, and you may not be adept in hunting for wild animals using knives and ropes, it is necessary to know how to arrange snares and traps. Snares have the distinct advantage of being used at any time of the day and in any weather. You just need to lay the traps sometime in the day and you will keep getting the results throughout the day. Site selection is important as you should know the places where the animals frequent so that you have a higher chance of ensnaring them. You can even use bait if you already have a catch. If you can learn how to find survival food, then you will have no trouble surviving outdoors. Recognizing edible plants It pays to be prepared beforehand and prepare survival kits. This may include survival food storage too. At the same time, you should have the ability to recognize the plants which are not poisonous in any way. It is much better to live without food for some days than to fall ill or even die by eating poisonous plants. There are certain plants which should not be eaten at any cost. O Mushrooms or fungi O Plants with flowers like umbrellas O Beans and peas O Bulbs and lichen O White and yellow berries O Plants with shiny leaves or with milky sap O Wild nuts, fruits and berries You should only eat plants and fruits you are familiar with. Insects To the Rescue When you have exhausted what you had in your survival food storage, you have no option but to consider eating even insects. But even then, you must know which insects to eat and which to avoid. It is better to avoid brightly colored, fuzzy and hairy insects. You should also not eat insects which bite and sting. Worms and grub are the best options together with a good quantity of ants. Grasshoppers and cricket are also good provided they are fresh and healthy. But do remove the wings and legs before eating. Baiting Fish The time just after sunrise and a bit before sunset is ideal for fishing. When you are outdoors and striving for continued existence then you can locate deep still pools and undercut banks. You are likely to get bass in the lakes. The areas around the plant life in the watery regions will give you plenty of fish. You can hunt for catfish too but they are generally found in salt water areas. You can entice them with bait like bubblegum rolled in meat juices. If you search near underwater vegetation, you are likely to find some bluegill too. Preserve And Cook Food After getting the animals and fish, you have to clean them first and wash them before eating them. You can save the parts which are not edible to be used as bait. You can even opt for survival food storage by drying the meat, freezing them or preserving them with a brine solution. To cook meat, you can smoke them over a fire pit. And now that you know how to find survival food outdoor, you will be able to live and get back to civilization, no matter what the odds are against you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: