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Advertising There are two things to remember so as to triumph in Google Ad Words. The first is getting the right keywords, and second is writing an effective ad copy. The second one is quite challenging since it takes much more skill, and much more time to write a short copy than a long one. I’ll give you some techniques to do just that and raise your click through rate to as much as 25%. Step 1. In your headline, write a benefit or an end result. Be sure that it’s actually a benefit, and not just a feature of your product, before you write a ‘benefit’. To make it all clear, create a list dividing the benefits from the features. Step 2. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes to find out what exactly they are looking for. Be sure to understand what is important to your customer, and not what you think is important for them. You can’t afford to waste a character space dealing on an insignificant feature for your customer. Step 3. Work around your keywords and tweak current ones that have proven to produce more clicks. In reality, there tends to be a greater click through rate on search results that make use of the precise keywords the searcher types into the search box. Step 4. Start big and narrow it down. Begin by writing a few sentences about what you would like your customer to know. When you have made your sales speech, go back and take out every word that does not have to be there. Make sure to stick with the character restrictions set by your Pay Per Click search engine platform, and still be able to get your point across. Now is the time to begin rearranging words to create an ad that will match the PPC engine’s guidelines. Don’t forget to include the keywords in your ad copy to lure in the targeted audience to your website. Step 5. It’s time to test your ads. Put them up at 0.05% click through rate, your PPC search platform will right away inform you that your ad has been pulled out and that you have to make changes. Once you have launched your PPC ads, always track the results daily. Try to make changes on your adverts to see if they could produce a better click through rate. If your ad is removed, change them and swap out words for similar, yet striking ones. One little word can make all the big difference to get you on the top of the list. Writing a whooping PPC Search Advertising ad copy involves your full attention. Rest assured that even with the limited space, there is always enough room to pique your potential customers’ interests. Make the most out of the limited space and you’ll see bigger returns from your PPC Internet Advertising campaign. About the Author: Rosamay is a honored writer for various SEM industry authorities. She has spent the better part of her last 5 years announcing events, statistics, strategies, and other news. Claire Jovellar has been accredited globally with degrees from French-Canada and the Philippines. She speaks 4 languages and teaches English literature. Claire Jovellar is expected to play a big part in internet marketing journalism for years to come. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Advertising 相关的主题文章: