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How many years can be repeated? Can endure long eyebrows brother Pelican Pelican? Wasting his talent Anthony Davies averaged 37.7 points and 12.3 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 2.3 steals and 3 blocks, the season losing streak averaged net negative 10.7 points ranked second to last West, there are more intense than that of the contrast? Enemy heart, powerless, eyebrows brother mood as can be imagined. But what is it for the two years before the playoffs, become everyone bully the underdog? Build a team with the strength to win, with a superstar is an essential prerequisite, but the next work is also important to build. The Spurs won the Duncan, a discerning draft and signing the GDP, within 16 years of the five championship; the thunder spurs almost success they follow, has selected Durant, Westbrook, James, yibaka, and broke into the finals in 2012, but they always go harden win bad breath. Miami is another kind of success, with Wade they introduced Shaquille O’neal, Lebron, Bosh, won the three championship. The general manager Dempsey is the Spurs, but Anthony Davies after he did not fully modeled the Spurs team mentality, but a compromise: Dempsey knew that this New Orleans temple did not attracted to the Buddha, then use the pick as a bargaining chip, the introduction has the ability of promising young players from the players in the market, to avoid the bad effect of the ball, the team record. But from the results point of view, this team building strategy is not effective. The luck is not good: point guard Horadi in the occupation career before the 4 season attendance rate is as high as 95%, to become an all star when he was only 22 years old, but came to New Orleans after his attendance plummeted to 56%, the new season because they have to take care of seriously ill wife and indefinite truce. Ariza and Amie gave up the pelican slave, left and Asik Tyreke Evans, but the two contribution to the team is more and more small. Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon because of injuries, unable to maintain a high state of. But then again, Dempsey why so many people use glass? According to this momentum, even if Davies play brave, pelicans are also likely to refresh the worst record in team history. Although Davies’s 5 year contract just came into effect, but in this period to make the team itself is almost impossible task. In addition to the eyebrows brother pelican, almost no Nadechushou chips. Solomon’s contract can only be stopped in the hands of Horadi and the next summer to restore the freedom of the body, this summer has just signed into the – – Hill and Moore is unlikely to change so soon…… People have begun to speculate that Davies will be tired of losing the game, which requires the team to trade. No team is willing to bid farewell to Davies such a young superstar, a sum of this type of trading dates back to 41 years ago, Jabbar asked his 1975 bucks traded to Nicks or the Lakers, the final day of hook it. How much is Davies’s patience? Can he tolerate the team’s continued spending on his time and talent? (Luo Ke) P相关的主题文章: