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How many people can make Tiggo 7 cheaper? Sohu – car ages, Tiggo 7 finally listed. The price seems to have imagined so low, because the forum is open to scold; but in fact is not high, because there are a lot of people in the sun set posts, also asked details of various preferential policies. All kinds of network people car black car drag each other dragons and fishes jumbled together, also accustomed to tear. Since it is easy to confuse the public, so we are still far away from this piece is, return to the thing itself to see. Tiggo 7 located in the range of 10-15 million compact SUV models, we look at this market segment sales can be found in talent shows itself several products. From the first half of the total sales and monthly sales, Harvard H6, trumpchi GS4, Changan CS75, Roewe RX5, Southeast DX7, bullyear are major competitors Tiggo 7 will face. Tonality can really with the right Tiggo 7 is Geely bullyear, two cars with positive product research and development system, can be described as diamond cuts diamond Daisy chain. Of course, the development of the idea is also the future direction of sustainable development of their own brands, from the performance of the Bo after the listing, consumers have gradually recognized such values and reflected in sales. To the monthly increase million more than the level is expected to do, just don’t know yet what will appear in the high position, Tiggo 7 listed may exhibit the same trajectory. Harvard H6 advantage can not shake, this is really a reverse inverse out flower models. However, the lifeline of this product can be how long it is difficult to say, at least the vitality is still very strong. Trumpchi GS4 stable in 25000 months of sales, a proud achievement. The amount of energy radiated from influence, compared to the old Changan landscape as CS75, sales are still climbing slowly warm up and Roewe RX5 and relatively marginalized in Southeast DX7, Harvard H6 and trumpchi GS4 to Tiggo 7 brought more obvious pressure. But because the products of different ideas, but can see Tiggo 7 eat up many H6 and GS4 clients, or to a bullyear and produce much value positive development models quality groups to collect feedback from, this group is growing. As we have previously done Tiggo 7 evaluation, recognition of the extent of this car is quite high, has been approved by Tiggo 7 of consumers, from the configuration table to see which car is more suitable. Click on the review: > > Chery Tiggo 7: now walk the fine line time? < < > > positive research to reliable Tiggo 7, < < 1.5T manual is our recommended models, manual Tiggo 7 has been an excellent control of clutch feel or experience, we start from the 5 manual models to make a selection. Since the top 20000 to buy a $97900 manual Yao Yao dynamic version and $106900 Yao version of the customer can get a multimedia system, which is more than 106900 of the Yao version of the visual reversing I相关的主题文章: