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How do you deal with a painter? – Sohu mother and baby graffiti is almost every baby will be keen activities. The learning process of graffiti on the baby, his tender strokes completely and truly reflect his inner world and he observe things and understand things, explore the mysteries of the world, for a better understanding of the world opens the door to a bright window. With this result, we need to pursue what? When the baby learn graffiti, as parents, we need to pay attention to the following questions. Don’t try to put the baby into a painting graffiti culture prodigy has extraordinary significance for the baby, Van Gogh, its purpose is not only the future of Monet, therefore, although let the baby with his own thoughts to draw. There is no need to teach him the right way of painting, or whether he wants to follow the wishes of his parents to layout, color, and express some plot or story. If you must see an utilitarian activity, we not only can not do so, the opposite may also bring some unnecessary psychological pressure to the baby, let the activity itself become dull, and may even give your baby a lot of unexpected problems. Serious may also hurt your baby’s self-confidence, causes the baby will produce mental weariness. To give a positive response when the baby is in the best of spirits for baby graffiti paint, mother to do is enthusiastic about the baby’s works to respond, helped him to keep down the enthusiasm of graffiti, at the same time, the mother can also request the baby about his work, encourage him to tell her what he actually painted. If the mother wants to give the baby a guide, is to pay attention to methods, do not blindly criticize the baby, and to take a more strategic way, without hurting the baby’s self-esteem, dampened the enthusiasm of the baby, and you will be as clear as noonday want to express the idea to tell the baby, "you draw a cat is very good, you see mom draw a picture, so mom. Look, the cat is biting its own tail. Why does he want his tail?" If the baby responds, you can guide him down in your own way. If the baby doesn’t respond, don’t take care of him and continue talking to himself, "he might be hungry.". Who will draw him a little fish?" This time the baby will to grab the kittens can scarcely wait to draw fish work, to continue this interesting game. When you communicate this way and the baby, you will soon find the baby in the description of his graffiti works, his dream would make us feel very surprised — day! There are so many wonderful ideas in his pocket! If the mother of his graffiti works show strong interest, the baby will be more confident to expand his graffiti activities, exercise and his language skills, imagination will be in communication with my mother, and continue to improve. Through the cultivation of comprehensive ability of graffiti baby 1 and a half years old baby hand eye coordination small brain, muscle development is rapid, has been better able to hold the hands of crayons. Just learn the skills of the baby, the pen and painted smear has a strong interest. As a result, the little guy is eager to use a variety of color pens or other appliances, especially.相关的主题文章: