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A shares listed enterprises nearly 300 billion year bonds exchange bond issued tightening air small housing prices sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money – reporter Wang Zheng recently, a Shanghai stock exchange Real Estate Company bonds will implement an audit of the new deal news sparked strong concern. In this regard, the state securities major asset allocation analyst Xu Yang said the move with the recent hot real estate market, regulators want to raise the level of corporate debt financing threshold, to cool the property market. Because the property market will stimulate housing prices to stimulate the land, to create more of the king, and even pushed up prices triggered panic buying. In fact, the Commission had also said, by refinancing to replenish liquidity does not allow real estate enterprises to raise funds can only be used for real estate construction and can not be used for holding and repayment of bank loans. However, the effect is not obvious, this tightening also indicates that the housing prices of financing channels or tightened again, the policy is likely to turn. At the same time, the "Securities Daily" according to the Wind statistics found that as of September 28th, A shares listed enterprises accumulated during the year 217 issue, some corporate bonds number up to 4 times, the total amount of 292 billion 460 million yuan. The lowest bond interest rate reached 2.7%, more than 1/3 of the bond interest rate is lower than the interest rate of five years. Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei analysts believe that the large-scale development of the bond market, is the main reason for housing prices in 2016 to reduce the cost of capital, a large number of housing prices get low-cost bond funds, is also an important source of funding for the acquisition of land price. According to the preliminary plan, housing prices issuers are limited to four class AA rated and more enterprises, both domestic and overseas listed real estate enterprises; in the real estate industry in the central enterprises; the provincial government, the provincial capital city, deputy provincial city and cities local government belongs to other private housing prices; housing prices Chinese real estate industry association ranked the top 100. Housing prices in the context of the basis, the program also set a comprehensive evaluation of the indicators for the selection. Currently there are five indicators: the most recent year-end total assets less than 20 billion yuan; the end of the most recent operating income less than 3 billion yuan; the past year after deducting non recurring net profit is negative; net accounts after the asset liability ratio is greater than 65%; inventory, product development, development costs, land reserves in three or four lines the city accounted for more than 50%. If a trigger and within the normal class, triggering two categories of concern, triggering more than three and the risk category. For the normal class, the exchange will give attention to the normal audit; class, need more detailed information disclosure, to refine project details, clear some contract terms or credit risk; for, in principle does not need to accept the letter reached AA+ and above in accordance with the concerned requirements of audit audit. In this regard, CITIC construction investment in the research report pointed out that the Shanghai Stock Exchange debt audit new deal, mainly for low rating housing prices and small and medium enterprises. First tier cities and strong second tier cities, especially large housing prices on相关的主题文章: