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Business Life is short. This is an adage thats almost as old as time. Everyone knows that. In fact, if youre like a lot of people, you must have learned this snippet of wisdom at quite an early age. Heres the scenario: its your first day in preschool. Youre so scared youre almost in tears, and you wouldnt let go of your moms hand. How could you? Its the very first time youd be away from your family and your neighborhood friends. What on earth would you do? Before you knew it, a week has passed by and youve made new friends in the class. Instead of tightly clinging to your moms hand like you did on the first day of school, youre now happily swinging it in time with the nursery song playing in your head, the one your teacher taught. You didnt know school could be so great! Fast forward about ten years. You hurry down the stairs, your backpack slinging over your shoulder. You grab a toast, gulp down a glass of milk, and wave a quick goodbye to your mom who calls out after you. You cant believe it you slept in yet again. Now you have biology as your first class and algebra right after that. In short you have your two worst subjects side by side and you have an unfinished assignment in both. Great, just great. Exactly what you need to pass high school with reasonable marks. More years whizz by, and if youre honest with yourself they kind of whizzed by in a blurry series of tests and exams, friends and teachers, part-time jobs and applications to reputable companies after getting your college diploma. Here you are again after another batch of years, ready to start a new chapter of your life. After working a couple of years in an entry level post for a mid-size accounting firm in the city, your boss finally recognized your contribution and decided to promote you. With more responsibilities comes a considerable increase in pay, which is just fine for you. You now feel like you can afford to rent a nice apartment in a better section of the metropolis. As usual, when youre caught between the crossroads of your life, you ask yourself the question thats been with you since after adolescence: where did all the years go by? It is true that life is short. You never quite know when your time on earth will end and the same goes for that of your loved ones too, of course. Doesnt it make sense, then, to give tribute to a deceased person whos been an inherent part of your life? To give him a last farewell thats classic, honorable, and deserving of all the wonderful memories he gave. Thats where scattering ashes at sea , ash scattering , and ashes at sea come into the picture. With a well executed ash scattering ceremony , youll get to pay tribute to a person who was with you during times of celebration and who held your hand when your world was falling apart. In short, you get to give him the goodbye he deserves. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: