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Hongkong 78 students funded by the government to study overseas studying law – the largest number of Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong (reporter Ceng Ping) in August 26, launched by the Hongkong SAR Government Excellence Scholarship program awards ceremony held on the 26 day, Hongkong chief executive Liang Zhenying as the 78 elected student awards, and they awarded "Hongkong top" honor. Outstanding scholarship program funded by Hongkong local students to study overseas well-known university, students will receive scholarships to $250 thousand a year for the upper limit of the need to pay tuition, students can also apply to the annual ceiling of HK $200 thousand in grants. The award-winning students from 681 applicants were selected, of which 49 will be promoted to a bachelor’s degree courses, the students rose to study the course of the school, they need to return to Hong Kong after graduating at least 2 years of work in. The Government Education Bureau spokesman said, in addition to academic achievement, academic characteristics of non applicants, such as leadership and potential, as well as to Hongkong’s commitment and contribution, the main consideration is the selection of the. The award-winning student elective subject involves a number of areas, including commercial and economic law, traditional disciplines, architecture and engineering, have forensic science and neuropsychological and music therapy has not yet been opened in Hongkong. Among them, the law for the largest number of subjects, there are 15 people. Qiu Xinqian, 18, will go to London School of Economics and Political Science to study law. He said that in the first 4 years to participate in a mock court to allow him to have an interest in the law, and then went to the law firm internship, to understand the real working environment of the line decided to take the law. Undergraduate professional erhu has Ruen will go to England to attend the master of music therapy. She means, Hongkong is currently the only registered music therapist dozens, many of which are part-time, visible music therapy is not popular in Hongkong, she hopes to return to Hong Kong after graduation with music to help autistic children. (end)相关的主题文章: