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Hong Xiuzhu: the KMT will not easily let nuclear disaster food into the original title of Taiwan: Hong Xiuzhu: the KMT will not easily let the nuclear disaster food imported from Taiwan, Hong Xiuzhu. Data figure in new network on 15 November, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, China KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu said on the 13, the KMT will accept the Democratic Progressive Party with public health interests exchange, this thing from the beginning should not be laid in the balance, the Kuomintang will not easily let nuclear disaster food into Taiwan. Hong Xiuzhu 13 afternoon in the face book issued a document that, during the reign of Ma Ying-Jeou, has considered the reference to the world standards, the study intends to open the possibility of food imports by the nuclear disaster counties in japan. When the DPP strongly opposed, and even abuse "government" and "collusion, intentional homicide, and adhere to the" food radiation detection, zero zero tolerance. She said, now the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, insisted on opening the nuclear disaster counties agricultural products in Taiwan, not even discuss, suddenly like magic barrier, can "tolerate radiation" in the past cannot be tolerated, "life and health" hurt the 23 million compatriots in Taiwan, this is not very funny? Hong Xiuzhu pointed out that the DPP now calls for a return to a rational discussion of policy track, the Kuomintang of course welcome, but before meeting with procedural justice hearing, please first DPP yesterday is responsible for double standards now, find out the past who discredit "government" of the party and government for the people, open to all citizens to apologize. Hong Xiuzhu said, let us look at the DPP, say "follow the international standard and the basis of scientific evidence as the basis of management", what is true or false play play. Editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: