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Hong Kong nationals boss spies 36 workers for 4 years to recover the wages of compensation – Beijing workers got this in a few years ago should belong to own the "envelope" Yangcheng Evening News reporter Tang Mingming photo news today Yangcheng Evening News reporter Ceng Xuan, intern Ceng Yingxue reported: "the old board disappeared, 36 workers 4 over the past year has always insisted on rational rights according to the law, finally in the morning to get wages and compensation. Holding 21077 yuan hard-earned, 46 year old Gong Fufei filled with a thousand regrets. 29 am, Guangzhou City People’s court before the implementation of the Bureau, he and the workers of the past and the 35 met again in Panyu District. Four years ago, they work in factories — Guangzhou city Panyu District Fan Hua Jewelry Craft Factory (hereinafter referred to as a China factory) sixteen workshop (Hongkong boss Liao Mouxing China) on videotape, they discussed the wages and compensation, embarked on a long "Taoxin way". "I didn’t expect to get the money back. Although all this came late, but finally wait." This morning, the workers signed on the first floor of the executive board and got the envelope that was supposed to belong to him a few years ago". A total of 376 thousand, 36 people, really not much, holding the thin pile of money, you are a happy face, slightly bitter. Most of these workers are employees of the factory in China, part of the plant length of service for more than ten years. Spies on the boss is not isolated cases, around the time the solution is not the same: Guangzhou requires landlords and stakeholders to advance the venue rental workers owed; Shenzhen has established a fund by the municipal government, enterprises forced to pay; Dongguan by refusing to pay labor remuneration crime ", to increase efforts to arrest the runaway boss. A few years later but also through legal procedures to recover wages across the Pearl River Delta is very rare. Simple labor case, why the delay so long? Analysis to provide legal aid to the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress lawyer Gao Haitao, a manufacturer is trying to circumvent the legal liability, not with malicious litigation and the announcement of the delay time, and also a long cut second instance of the labor dispute handling system design are not unrelated. It is reported that the case lasted more than four years, has gone through an arbitration, the court of the court for the trial of the two, although every time the workers sentenced to win, the management of compensation, can be made by the factory to do the trick to refuse to perform. Such as the first lawsuit workers sentenced after winning in Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s court ruling before the commencement of the shareholders without legal procedures will be canceled in the business sector factory. In the case of the application for the change of the main body is not allowed, the workers won the lawsuit as winning a piece of paper, had to be re elected to shareholders after six months. Gao Haitao said, although now the workers win back wages and compensation for their own, but the workers petitioned to pay the social security because the employer subject does not exist to obtain support, also need to further improve the relevant system design. So that workers can have dignity to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, do not let the honest people suffer, is our community should adhere to the bottom line." Gao Haitao said.相关的主题文章: