[Holland] spend children spend car tricks childhood (video) baxia

[Holland] flower children spend car pattern of the Holland style childhood town of Liz (Lisse), because of the famous garden Amoy Hof famous spring flowers Jilizi town will become a magic flower worthy of the name of the belvedere. Small town dotted with flowers, with flowers to celebrate the most beautiful season in a year. When Liz town will look the flowers mosaic, flower field acts on foot, many flowers field activities such as helicopter. Yet the most exciting and interesting to the children of the Belvedere parade the flowers! Easter day, every family will take the children dressed as lovely as flowers, their mounts, what toy cars, scooters, bicycles, tricycles, tractors and so on are all dressed up in beautiful floats, on Saturday afternoon 1:30 began to set in the center of the square in front of the old church, then floats around a small town parade with vigour and vitality. That joy, that joy, that every family participation enthusiasm will be deeply infected with each passerby. We are not saying that children are the flowers of the motherland? This is not true, but these children are more lovely than flowers! The beautiful town of Liz at this moment is full of flower child, flower car, and Liz also because these floating flower fairy became a vibrant flower world. There is a beautiful spring flowers! Liz (Lisse) is close to the northwest corner of the town of Amoy Hof garden, the town is surrounded by beautiful flowers. When visiting Amoy Hof garden can rent a bike to Liz flower see flowers, also can be in a small town on a circle, feel the charm of Liz city. The festival Liz filled with colorful flower flower child car good handsome little flowery smile driver everyone involved in big happy endless sister hair too good to be hit! Hey, it’s not easy to be a driver! Beautiful flower flower princess, Prince of people energetic drum band a way for the children to open young girls beating drums and blowing trumpets the Easter Bunny came! Flowers little beauty with a rabbit to travel your parents will dress you oh, look at your face freckles is too cute! The handsome girl pink spider man, car, clothes, flowers, and the young face is pink. Honest small tractor, the children grow up is definitely a good farmer! The goddess of flowers with a triangular sail bicycle, you want to go into this is the rhythm ah? The wind, behind the big circle with a blower can go to play racing. Good demure temperament of the little girl dressed. Duck tongue cap wearing red overalls, wearing a walking! There is a big bunch of beautiful tulips behind the back, good-looking. Serious work of the photographer to the big close-up! The chubby child version of spider man! Pink childhood is all Hua Xianzi wants is this fan freckle girl your orange hair? Oh, it must be hot. Let’s get e相关的主题文章: