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Henan good screen golden week: stranger support 50 thousand life-saving money – reporter Hou Mengfei Cai Junyan the | during the National Day holiday, the circle of friends in addition to screen scenery and delicious, is there a lens, a face, you can not help but point forward the key? River Jun combing found that in the past just the holidays, one after another full of positive energy stories emerge one after another, an ordinary and great people of Henan, left us too much moved. There is a golden week screen tyrants, called I am from Henan"! China, the great love of Henan, known as the birthplace of the Chinese civilization, the birthplace of the Central Plains, is not only the material of the world granary, but also pregnant with the spirit of the Chinese people. The warm October 1st story: Hero Wang Feng go spirit forever in him with the blood with a string of footprints, the interpretation of the world’s dedication to others; his choice of mortal, from the hinterland of the Central Plains moved the entire Chinese. The National Day holiday, the bad news came, all the love does not restore the flames to save the hero of Wang Feng’s life, the afternoon of October 1st, Nanyang three into the flames to save the hero Wang Feng due to rapid deterioration, the rescue invalid, unfortunately died on the same day at 16:34. The early morning of May 18th this year, Wolong District of Nanyang City, a residential building burst fire, the fire found rent on the first floor of the ancient town, Fangcheng County Guangyang village Wang Feng, three into the fire rescue, helping more than and 20 people out of danger, but Wang Feng was serious burns, burns up to 98%. Rescue 55 days later in Nanyang Nanshi hospital, due to a serious condition, the First Affiliated Hospital of Wang Feng in July 12th transferred to Beijing General Hospital of PLA (PLA No.304 Hospital), to continue treatment. In the 81 day of the PLA No.304 Hospital treatment, Wang Feng has more than a dozen surgery, burn wounds gradually reduced to less than 5%. However, due to severe infection, long-term consumption, low immunity, Wang Feng at noon on September 30th sudden difficulty breathing. After strengthening support treatment, the condition was stabilized. On the morning of October 1st, Wang Feng condition deteriorated again, after the rescue, died. The death of Wang Feng, the "people’s Daily" published an article called "the front page, others hard, ordinary people is the real hero Wang Feng gave himself to the rescue!" And called, "pay tribute to heroes like Wang Feng". October 4th, Wang Feng’s body farewell ceremony was held in Beijing, Babaoshan, the family and the community sent a hero last. While Wang Feng was in hospital in Beijing, he had a skin transplant. His wife is not around to take care of the pan, but also shaved hair, the scalp donated to her husband. The husband’s departure, to the pan heavy blow, but she quickly cheer up, no longer tears, because only the strong is the best account for you, I only take good care of the child to make you feel at ease". Yesterday, the reporter contacted the pan again, she has returned to Henan, Nanyang, the daughter of his father know things, to shut themselves in the house for a whole day". Pan goods distressed to say that his son is too small, has not told his father is gone. "Thank you for your concern and help for Wang Feng and our family. Although Wang Feng has gone, his spirit will always be here." Pan product,.相关的主题文章: