Henan, a farmer received a marriage certificate found that there are 4 wife husband-k9084

A farmer in Henan after receiving a marriage license found his wife and 4 "husband" – Beijing, Henan Daily reporter Gao Peng correspondent Yang Hongxiao managed to marry the daughter-in-law "lost", Dengfeng city farmer Guo Haichuan very depressed. He reported to the police, not easy to find his wife back, but depressed: the original, his wife and 4 other men also got a marriage certificate. After the encounter back to the home of the mother is not linked to the day of June 2010, the parents to work in Shantou, Guo Haichuan called, let him come back blind date. Guo Haichuan was very happy to hear that he was 29 years old, his hometown to his age are holding the baby, but he has been no object for various reasons. In July 1st of that year, Guo Haichuan met a blind date object ray beautiful. The other is much longer, the two sides are talking, Guo Haichuan decided to set the marriage. He gave the thunder beautiful bride price 24 thousand yuan of money, the two on the same day to the Dengfeng Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau took out a marriage certificate. Finally marry a wife, Guo Haichuan indescribably happy. A few days after marriage, the bride said she had something to do, she had to return to Yunnan. Guo Haichuan would like to go with her, the bride said they married the matter has not yet said to their parents, afraid of their parents angry, and so she went home and talk to their parents, and then take her back together with Guo Haichuan. Guo Haichuan is reluctant to part off the bride, eagerly looking forward to her to come back early. Unexpectedly, a week later, ray beauty can not contact, the phone can not get through. Guo Haichuan then went to Dengfeng City Public Security Bureau reported. [truth] she and the 5 men brought the marriage certificate of Dengfeng City Public Security Bureau alarm, has been looking for Lei Meili, but she seemed to evaporate, through multiple channels are not found. Dengfeng police continue to expand the scope of the search, and has been communicating with the Yunnan police. In July 2016, through various search, Dengfeng police found a clue, Lei beautiful in Dengfeng not only brought the marriage certificate, she is in Anhui, Shandong, Jiangsu and Sichuan have also been married four times, now has 5 Marriage certificate. Dengfeng police rushed to the investigation of the four Lei beautiful marriage, they and Guo Haichuan’s experience similar to Lei Meili cailiqian, Lei Meili was married in a few days later disappeared. Lei Meili suspicion of fraud, Dengfeng police immediately arrested for the arrest of ray beauty, and in August 15th this year, she was arrested. Lei Meili was arrested after that, because the family was poor, she followed the village a person learns such a "money". She Pianhun after the success of the first, think this money is easy, thus continuously cheat 5 men to marry. Due to the current marriage registration to achieve the provincial networking, and there is no national network, Lei beauty on a marriage for a province, has saved 5 Marriage certificate. After a review, in September 21st, ray beauty suspicion of fraud was arrested according to law. (Note: the names in the text are aliases)相关的主题文章: