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Henan 11 year old boy died of organ donation of 50 students for their mother had birthday new network – Li Shuanghong and the children shared the birthday cake for the children to their birthday. Su Gaoju photo of Li Zhibo and his family before his grandfather’s birthday. Li Shuanghong photo Beijing, Zhumadian, November 7 (Han Zhangyun) November 2nd, Shangcai County of Henan Province, 11 year old boy after Li Zhibo’s death, his family donated his kidney and liver in 3 patients, the rebirth of hope. In Zhibo died, his most regrettable thing is to forget mother Li Shuanghong’s birthday. In November 7th, on the sixth day of Zhibo left, 50 of his classmates had a birthday for mother, living will make up for zhibo. The lost son, Li Shuanghong more than 50 children. In November 7th, Xi Hong Township in Shangcai County, Zhumadian city of Henan Province, the sky overcast, rainy. At 8:40 in the morning, Li Shuanghong walked into the West Hong Xiang Guan Wang Cun primary school the fifth grade classroom, 50 children shouted out "Mom Happy birthday!" This "mother" let Li Shuanghong no longer control emotions, tears. Because sitting in the classroom of the child is a classmate of Li Zhibo for five years and they stay together morning and night zbo. Xi Hong Guan Wang Cun the fifth grade primary school only one class in Zhibo before his death, 51 children, a total of the fifth grade now, the classroom is empty seat Zhibo, 50 children to mother Li Shuanghong prepared a special birthday party. On that day, the children took the classroom was decorated with colored chalk on the blackboard, and write "Happy birthday mother characters eye-catching, there are colorful balloons, and specially prepared a big cake. The children prepared a birthday gift for Li Shuanghong, Zhibo classmate Wang Yilin gave Li Shuanghong wearing a blue scarf, Zhibo was good friends Li Tianyu and Li Guanghui are ready to drink the ceramic cup for Li Shuanghong, carefully prepared children have been restrained Li Shuang the red eye. Reporters learned that in September 13th this year is Li Shuanghong’s birthday, a few days ago has been talking about for my mother’s birthday Li Zhibo, on that day but forget the mother’s birthday, until the early morning of the second day of my own Zhibo, remorse. "The baby has been apologizing to me, saying that my mother was sorry I forgot your birthday, and so next year I will give you a birthday." Li Shuanghong said, because I felt nothing but a birthday, so she did not remind the child, but was very guilty zbo. "He used the scrap paper folded a heart for me, notepapers write" I will protect you in my life, and I love you, my dear mother. "" Such moves let Li Shuanghong moved. But no one thought, for my mother’s birthday Zhibo never materialised. In October 27th, has always been in good health the Zhibo suddenly felt a headache to the local hospital is intracranial tumor (benign), already late. November 1st morning, Li Zhibo transferred to the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, directly into the ICU, after the rescue was declared dead. Zhibo after the death of Li Shuanghong and her husband and grandfather reluctantly donated Zhibo Intelligence)相关的主题文章: