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Heilongjiang’s first network sale sale card ID cracked the case involving 200 – thousand million Beijing newspaper news October 14th March this year, Fujian city of Fuzhou province together serious homicide suspects, buy the card through the network, and the identity card to sell his online sellers hidden in Muling City in our province. This large business ID card first in our province, the provincial public security department to supervise the handling of the case lasted more than 6 months, have arrested 12 suspects, seized 835 identity documents, gang sold thousands of identity cards, involving more than 200, seized 810 thousand in cash. The raid seized 600 true identity according to Muling City Public Security Bureau of Interpol battalion Zhang Yongsheng introduced, according to the Fujian police, online purchase of the ID card is by courier sent to Fuzhou, 800 yuan of money collected by the courier sent to the auspicious District in Muling city. Through community police further verification, the man lived here Buxing a major crime suspects in March 18th, disguised as police raided the property staff, bu a residence in the house, his brother Bu Yanji’s bed, found 595 residents tied up the identity card, another 5 have good packaging, is preparing to send go to the field, table three computer, an open QQ dialog is said transaction ID etc.. The police began to follow clues Muling pursue the nationwide large business ID card case. After inspection found that such a large number of ID cards are all true, that is to say, behind this is the more than and 600 real people, the above information from all over the country. Shop selling ID card with card mobile phone network silver shield caught by one has to remember the grounds refused to explain, the police entered his QQ space, his name is the two generation ID card, advertisement is: 300 a, fidelity magnetic. In his QQ space, leaving a large number of various types of ID photos, as well as a number of buyers and chat records. A large number of chat records and payment information shows that from August 2015 onwards, a Doppler in Taobao online opened shop, devoted to the sale of ID card, he put each ID photos on the album NetEase for buyers to choose from, each card according to the age and duration of the asking price of 100 yuan to 300 yuan. After the sale agreement, he will be his NetEase album link to the buyer, and then pick up the buyer in the identity card he needs, then, Bu Yanji will send a Taobao link, on the Taobao deal. Such a large number of ID cards, BU should have on-line, specifically to provide him with documents. In the face of evidence, bu also confessed that he knew a friend of Zhengzhou through the network, do not know the real name, only know the net name is VIP. Subsequently, the police found that a long time to send remittances to Shenzhen, and the people who took the money to pay a. April 11th, police rushed to Shenzhen, captured the teller to pay a. Police investigation, the money to pay a certain number of times have been sold to Bu Yanji identity card, but he is not the person who called VIP. The police found from a large number of chat, to provide a set of Bu VIP card, not only true identity, as well as supporting network shield and mobile phone card. And this VI)相关的主题文章: