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Hefei a villager group leader because of fraud was sentenced to 18 sets of resettlement housing — people.com.cn Jiangsu channel — people.com.cn original title: original title: defrauding 18 sets of resettlement housing involving nearly ten million yuan in Hefei a villager group leader was sentenced to Feixi County of Hefei City, a village leader Huang, while the demolition of the machine, for 18 sets of houses and compensation, a value of more than 400 yuan. At the same time he also abuse of power, so that people do not meet the conditions of resettlement resettlement compensation, resulting in the loss of state property more than 500 yuan. Recently, the people’s Court of Hefei District, Shushan, corruption, abuse of power and sentenced to 12 years in prison for the villagers, and fined $600 thousand. The investigation, June 2010, Hefei City, Feixi County People’s government began a local housing demolition work, demolition of the object is the original Feixi county to send the town village group of villagers Ying flower fertilizer. After the start of the project, the local town government and the villagers involved in the community arrangement of relocatees resettlement qualifications, whether belonging to the local ancestral family for review, definition, then spend a responsible for turning placement qualification, whether ancestral family defines the work group leader Huang Ying residents. Huang in the process to assist the government in the resettlement work, taking advantage of his position, in himself and his family has to enjoy the policy of resettlement situation, in the demolition area of residence, since the building of false false proof, proof of ancestral family, using Kang, song and other 13 people signed a name relocation agreement, pay the placement of the housing price difference, and in the building of proof and proof of ancestral family signature confirmation, and then find the headquarters relocation related leaders signed, thus defrauding 18 sets of resettlement housing and the corresponding moving subsidy, gauge the value of 4118232.9 yuan. A fool’s house after the yellow for foreclosed or sold to others to profit. In addition, Huang engaged in street placement qualification and ancestral family defined during the work, knowing that Lee, Wang and other 16 households spend not Ying group of villagers ancestral family, does not meet the conditions of resettlement, still in the 16 households in breach of privilege, and live since the building of certificate signature, and recognized as the ancestral family, resulting in the 16 households use false account of this, according to the ancestral family policy settled, to obtain the corresponding compensation and resettlement fees, resulting in economic losses of more than 500 yuan. In November 4, 2014, Huang to Feixi County People’s Procuratorate surrendered, truthfully confessed the facts, and pay back part of the illegal income. (Liu Meizi) (commissioning editor Geng Zhichao and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: