Hebei a doctor who forged the victim sitting unjust imprisonment 4 months wound tda7294

Hebei: a doctor who forged wound victims 4 months sitting miscarriage of justice in the original title: doctor who forged the wound jailed for a year and a half the morning of October 13th, Yin iron collar came to Baoding City Intermediate People’s court, filed a criminal incidental civil petition "". Two days earlier, he just got Baoding City Lotus district court verdict, the verdict finds Baoding City forensic hospital two staff to find a doctor, help with Yin fight Pan Wenxia forged iron collar wound, lead to Yin iron collar was held for 121 days. 3 people jailed for 6 defendants involved, 3 people were exempted from criminal punishment. Baoding City, the former South City procuratorate to the state compensation in the case of the Yin iron collar only compensation for damages of their personal freedom, refused to pay their mental damages solatium. The court found the doctor forged wound in March 21st this newspaper to "sister-in-law brother-in-law" forged together with forensic wound and reported the case. Hebei province Baoding City Lotus District Court in October 9th made the verdict, September 12, 2014 20 pm, Yin Tie brought home, Pan Wenxia and Yin iron collar due to the homestead disputes fight, Yin iron collar Pan Wenxia injured, causing Pan Wenxia to head a 6 cm wound. Pan Wenxia and his son will be held in the field of the criminal responsibility of the crime of iron collar, through contact with the city of Baoding forensic hospital in the work of Zhang Xiaofei, hoping to make the standard of minor wounds to achieve false wounds. The verdict said, Zhang Xiaofei contact with the help of Zheng Liqiang,, Agricultural University of Hebei, contact the work of the hospital to help the work of Dr. Du Litao. Du Litao in the surgery therapeutic room, with a knife in front of the head of the wound near the head of the head of the parallel position to create another 5.5 cm long wound, Pan Wenxia. September 18, 2014, identified by the Baoding forensic center, the defendant Pan Wenxia head wound 6 cm, a total of 5.5 cm, the cumulative length of the wound up to 11.5 cm, is a minor injury level of two. The verdict said, during which Du Litao, Zhang Xiaofei, respectively, received a 2000 yuan Tian Fu, $5000. Baoding City Public Security Bureau of the original nanshiqu in October 30, 2014 for Yin iron collar coercive measures of criminal detention, criminal detention and arrest due to the Yin iron to receive a total of 121 days of detention. The incidental civil lawsuit dismissed the verdict, after the incident, Zhang Xiaofei Zheng Liqiang, Du Litao’s relatives and Yin iron collar reached a compensation agreement, were given Yin iron collar 110 thousand yuan and 70 thousand yuan, 80 thousand yuan of compensation, Yin has 3 iron collar Li Ming expressed understanding, though not on the victim’s economic compensation, but also gain an understanding of the victims, the hospital to commit the crime of false accusation, Pan Wenxia Tian Kang were sentenced to 3 years and 6 months, 3 years, to help make the crime of Du Litao, sentenced to 6 months a year, to help make the crime of Li Ming, forged evidence, Zheng Liqiang Zhang Xiaofei exempted from criminal punishment. Lotus district court said Yin iron collar has applied for state compensation, so the incidental civil action does not belong to the scope of the court, dismissed the prosecution Yin iron collar. – the victim dissatisfaction with the original nanshiqu court sued the Baoding city procuratorate compensation standard collar made the decision not to prosecute Yin Tie in November 26, 2015, Yin iron collar on 14 January 2016 to the hospital to apply for state compensation. quiet相关的主题文章: