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Heavy losses! Juventus and injured a torn Achilles tendon fear season Caceres tears off sina sports news Beijing on February 4th news, Juventus and Genoa injured in the early morning in the game Caceres suspected of Achilles tendon rupture, or need a truce for at least three months. Juventus and Genoa 61 minutes into the game, Caceres and other players pushing down, then was sent off in a stretcher, leaving Caceres with tears in her eyes, apparently he knew the injury is not light. According to the results of the preliminary examination, Caceres’s Achilles tendon has been torn, although not broken so serious, but the Achilles tendon injury is not good recovery. Juventus coach Allegri also confirmed: "Caceres’s Achilles tendon went wrong, we will be further examination tomorrow, I hope his injury is not as serious as imagined."." Juventus have achieved 13 victories in the league, the way from the beginning of the season relegation zone to sing second place in the league, the best. But the team’s current injury situation is very serious, Man Giulia Ki Zi, Khedira and Asamoah have been identified will be missed with Bayern in the two round of the Champions League, Chiellini, Sturua Lo also has minor injuries. Now, Caceres has joined the list of injuries, according to Italy media speculation, Uruguay people need at least a truce for three months, I am afraid this season has been reimbursed in advance. (sky blue)

重创!尤文图斯又伤一将 跟腱撕裂恐赛季报销 卡塞雷斯含泪下场   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月4日消息,在今晨尤文图斯与热那亚比赛中受伤的卡塞雷斯疑似跟腱撕裂,或需休战至少三个月的时间。   尤文图斯与热那亚比赛进行到61分钟,卡塞雷斯在与对方球员拼抢倒地不起,随后被担架车送出场外,在离场时卡塞雷斯眼中含泪,显然他知道自己此次受的伤并不轻。   根据初步检查的结果,卡塞雷斯的跟腱已经撕裂,虽然没有断裂那么严重,但跟腱伤势并不好痊愈。尤文图斯主帅阿莱格里也证实:“卡塞雷斯的跟腱出了问题,我们将在明天进行进一步检查,希望他的伤没有想象的那么严重。”   尤文图斯已经在联赛中取得13连胜,从赛季初的保级区一路高歌杀到了联赛第二的位置,状态正佳。不过球队目前伤病情况也很严重,曼朱基齐、赫迪拉和阿萨莫阿已经确定将无缘与拜仁的两回合欧冠淘汰赛,基耶利尼、斯图拉罗也有轻伤。现在卡塞雷斯也加入了伤病名单中,按照意大利媒体的推测,乌拉圭人至少需要休战三个月,本赛季恐怕已提前报销。(天蓝)相关的主题文章: