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Before he was first in the league so small? James’s country has not? Who was the first small? Sina sports news Beijing time on November 1st, Memphis Grizzlies forward Chandler – Parsons on Twitter and fans interact. In the process of answering questions, Parsons argues that the NBA is the best small forward spurs test Wye – Leonard, but he believes the MVP regular season this year will be between James harden and Russell Westbrook. The following is an interaction between Parsons and fans: Q: how is your knee? When do you come back? Parsons: is getting better, hope as soon as possible. Q: who is the best small forward in the league? Parsons: Test Wye – Leonard. Q: you and Mark – Gasol, who scored three goals this year? Parsons: we’re going to get a lot of three points. Q: do you miss Dirk? Parsons: of course, he’s a legend. Q: what do you think of the recent game? Parsons: if he is healthy, he is the top five NBA center. Q: are you still in touch with Jeremy Lin? Parsons: Yes. Q: who do you think will become MVP this year? Parsons: Russell (Westbrook) or James (harden). Q: do you think the Grizzlies will win the championship this season? Parsons: that’s why I’m here. Q: de Raymond (Green), DeMarcus (test) or Adams, who do you want to be trapped in the elevator? Parsons: neo. (Rosen)  相关的主题文章: