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Happy Halloween, eat something different! Sohu and yiyanbuge on Halloween, la la la la la, buddies, are you ready? Do you want to go out with a small party or stay at home? Anyway, Xiao Bian is ready to stay at home, silently as a chowhound ~ Halloween what should eat? Let the little make up to tell you! Halloween and wind fruit material: glutinous rice flour 5 grams, 25 grams of water, white bean paste stuffing 250 grams, sugar 15-20 grams, a small amount of pigment, red bean paste. Halloween and wind fruit practice 1 pan will open a small fire, white bean paste and stir fry until slightly dry. The other 2 from a pot, pour in the water and glutinous rice powder, small fire stir fry, add sugar in 2-3 times. Turn off the fire when it becomes a paste. 3 mix the 1 and the 2 together. 4 take some add a small amount of pigment into the pumpkin color, are divided into a number of small ball. 5 red bean paste evenly divided into a round ball. 6 red bean paste stuffing in the pumpkin colored regiment, knead into a ball. 7 press it slightly and carve the edges of the pumpkin. In the pedicle head part with Straw pressed into a green bean, pumpkin as the pedicle. 8 take a small amount of red bean paste, decorate the pumpkin eyes and mouth. The part of the pumpkin light is finished. 9 to start a small ghost. Take a small amount of steps 3 to do a good job in the white group, the outline of the ghost out. 10 use a straw to pull a small mouth out of the phantom’s mouth. 11 little red bean paste for the eyes, and a small amount of red pigment in white ball, Niechu tongue. At the end of 12 and a small amount of powder pigment in white ball, as blush embellishment in the phantom’s face. Delicacy Tips 1 plus a little to increase the viscosity of waxy Rice noodles bean ball, the operation is more convenient. Halloween cookies materials: Brownie biscuit base powder, egg white powder, water, almond paste, sugar color beads, black pigment Halloween cookies 1 cookies I bottom no relevant cookies ~ ~ Halloween die never mind the bell, six star and mushroom biscuit base spare 2 baked. Good black and white frosting frosting according to the recommended dosage of different brands of egg white powder on the packaging to make web 1 ~ icing state almond paste dyed black. Take a small piece into a ball 2 rub 8 feet with white spider strips do ~ do two eyes 3 point color small sugar beads eyes and back on the pattern of 4 baked biscuit base covered with white frosting (shop can reference pixel pastoral style hand-painted icing sugar cookies) 5 before dry when the surface with black icing lines from the inside out with a toothpick 6 out of 7 while not dry before net ready small spiders ghost 1 cookies upside down bell paint little ghost outline, covered with black icing before 2 did not draw the face can be in the skull 1 mushroom shaped biscuits on the painting the outline of the skeleton, covered with!相关的主题文章: