Hangzhou network about the New Deal obtain a residence permit for more than 12 months to do the driv-cagliari exchange

Hangzhou network about the new car: to obtain a residence permit for more than 12 months to do the driver drawing Shen Hao about car drivers need to first test network in November 15th car registration for booking taxi have accepted the application yesterday afternoon, "Hangzhou city network booking taxi and private minibus carpool management implementation rules (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation rules") officially announced today formally implemented, to February 28, 2017 for the 4 month transition period, the trial period of 1 years. This means that the official website of Hangzhou about the legal status of the car, from the taxi market. Reporter Yin Jun what car to get around the car? What are the requirements for a network of about car drivers? "Implementation rules" in Hangzhou about the car access conditions with the previous draft did not change much compared with the city, must be registered for the license plate, the nature of the use of "booking taxi" 7 seat and the following passenger car (excluding minivan). The price in the wheelbase, strict regulations, such as new energy vehicles (including plug-in hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles), wheelbase to reach 2600 mm or more, or integrated operating mileage of 250 kilometers above; non new energy vehicles, wheelbase 2700 mm purchase tax price above or vehicles in more than 120 thousand yuan. In addition, it also requires that the service life of the vehicle is not more than 5 years, and the technical performance of the vehicle is in accordance with the relevant requirements of environmental protection and operational safety. There is a change in the driver access conditions, according to the "implementation rules", in addition to obtain household registration in the city or to obtain "conditions of residence in Zhejiang province" for more than 6 months in the city, but also increase the "or" get in the city or temporary residence permit "for 12 months in Zhejiang province". The main reason is the "implementation method of floating population in Zhejiang Province residential Registration Ordinance" has not yet landed, has made "residence in Zhejiang province" not many people, it is necessary to recognize people hold a temporary residence permit for more than 1 years. Network about vehicles to detect? Vehicles do not meet the requirements, but also want to open the car about how to do? The transition period of each car platform, to the stock of "net about car" during this period of time to carry out standardized cleanup work, do not conform to the rules for the implementation of the vehicle, out of. Today, the city transportation management department will start accepting network about the car platform company license application, accept private passenger information service platform report. Eligible vehicles, through the vehicle performance and operational safety testing. At present, the city has set up 4 monitoring stations (Gongshu District shenban Road No. 257, No. 88, Xihu District Cambridge Road in the village of Tong Street No. 275 building 10, Jianggan District Gen 196-1 Shandong Road), 500 vehicles to complete the detection task every day. After testing does not meet the requirements, but also open the network about how to do? It needs to update the vehicle, which is simply to change. Driver test what? How to apply? Engaged in the operation of the network about the car, you must obtain the network about the driver’s license. The examination syllabus recently announced that the examination content is divided into two blocks, one is part of the public library, content is national unity, national achievement is effective; part of a local part, according to the local law, by the public security.相关的主题文章: