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Hangzhou 4 year old boy I almost died because what a little something to eat some of the parents of children, is more casual, the lack of safety awareness. Wait until something out, then regret it too late. Not long ago, Hangzhou Xiaoshan hospital emergency room into the embrace of an uncle, a four or five year old boy. At the desk said the child was something stuck at home, not to cough out. The child’s head exposed, the nurse found that children face cyanosis, loss of consciousness, pupil. The emergency medical personnel immediately given cardiopulmonary resuscitation, oxygen and other emergency measures during tracheal intubation in children, remove the 3cm× 3cm sound of the door; a plum. Due to the obstruction sent after a long time, missed the best time of the rescue, more than and 40 minutes after the rescue, the little boy while heart rate recovery, but still no spontaneous breathing. Follow uncle after entering the resuscitation room should be the mother of the little boy, probably did not expect the child’s condition would be so serious, always in the corner complaining: "yesterday he also eat ah, before the good ah." But the harsh reality reminds parents: foreign body obstruction must be highly valued. Because each year the number of foreign body obstruction in infants and young children, foreign body types, far beyond everyone’s imagination, but also a serious degree of injury. These things can’t be given to children! Jelly: in the emergency room, the doctor is most afraid of, there is tension easily deformed thing. This kind of thing is easy to be inhaled into the airway, and because the shape is easy to change, it is difficult to be taken out of the doctor, jelly is the most typical example. And if it is blocked by the main airway, the child may not support a few minutes. Small round fruit: small round but with a nuclear fruit, is not suitable for children to eat, such as longan, grapes, cherries, etc.. Don’t feed the baby to eat chewing gum: chewing gum, chewing gum, even candy, also cut into small pieces, let the baby have a sweet taste on the line. Because too tough to chew gum, easy to choke the respiratory tract. Viscous food: soft bread, rice cake, dumplings like soft and sticky food will stick in the baby’s throat, do not spit out and can’t swallow, this is very dangerous. Nut: the baby eats the nut and it’s too soon to swallow. Even if it is difficult to chew, chew chew thoroughly, once accidentally into the trachea, easily lead to suffocation. And if parents are not found, the child may not be able to support the hospital. Squid silk: long fiber, a good sense of bite snacks, including squid, beef jerky. Are not suitable for children to eat. Peanut butter: viscosity is too high, not suitable for children to eat. Multi fiber vegetables: fiber more and not easy to bite the rotten vegetables easy to choke the child, such as celery, bean sprouts, give the child to eat to cut a little thin. Spiny fish: for the children to eat fish, recommended to choose the thorn less variety, otherwise easy to choke, can also hurt the esophagus and oral children. A large piece of meat: the meat child cannot be chewed, swallowed easily if strong choking, should be cut into thin slices or cubes. Long face: too long noodles the child is not easy to swallow, if smoking is easy to choke by way of edible, can be cut into small pieces before cooking. Twist: bad bite of food, was easy to choke the throat, not suitable for children to eat. If you really want to eat, it is recommended to cut into ding!相关的主题文章: