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The most influential in the history of the game Mobile Games: "angry birds" list of technology blog PhoneArena Sunday published an article named the definition of modern industry Mobile Games game. Snake to select the most influential hand travel, first had to mention the "Snake", it may be the history of the first popular hand travel. It is the earliest landing NOKIA mobile phone in 1997, basically is the mobile version of the arcade game "Blockade", which is developed by Gremlin, released in 1976. At that time, the "Snake" user interface is simple enough to be displayed on a monochrome display, the code is less than enough to run on very low performance devices. The simple operation of the game allows players to easily control the snake on the NOKIA phone’s physical keyboard. Like the simple game design, "Snake" is rapidly gaining popularity. As long as the user has time, they will quickly play a game on NOKIA phones, whether in the classroom, the station or the daily commute. "Angry birds" now is to say that the only fire to the adaptation of the film into the hand travel. Yeah, it’s angry birds. "Angry birds" first landed in December 2009 apple iOS platform. But at the same time, a variety of angry birds variant game on almost all the game platform, including PC and host. "Angry birds" creativity is not novel, almost casual games and "Crush the Castle" previously demonstrated similar plot. However, through the integration of sophisticated game design, comedy style and free added mode, angry birds popular global. As of January 2014, angry birds accumulated over 3 billion downloads on all platforms, and became the most downloaded free value-added game in history. "Fruit ninja" although "fruit ninja" may not be able to detonate a series of similar game development, but when it is most popular in 2011, it is almost synonymous with hand travel. The game was first released in 2010. "Fruit ninja" is one of the many games that must rely on the touch screen, because the player through the touch screen will be converted into a knife knife to cut fruit. If you are a pushy game player, you may remember the scene and friends than high grades. Temple Escape, although the Temple Escape is not the first dedicated to the development of mobile devices endless running game, but it will bring this kind of game to the mainstream. It first landed on the iOS platform in 2011, and was subsequently ported to Android and Windows Phone 8 devices. The game is designed for mobile devices. In the case that the user is not involved in the control, the characters in the game will continue to run. Players only need to slide left and right to control the direction, up and down control jump and slide. "Temple Escape" is popular, and triggered a series of running games to mobile devices. "Tribal conflict" said the recent games, "tribal conflict" was a huge success, it is for the Apple App Store revenue topped the list of the longest consecutive game. Tribal conflict, the successful proof of the same hand travel profits.相关的主题文章: