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Hainan women’s postpartum cardiac arrest of the batterer arrested hit families – Sohu news according to the Southern Metropolis Daily reported that in November 10th, WeChat circle of friends are in a hospital in Hainan province to two Lingao County health care workers were playing video. 12, the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter visited after investigation, confirmed that the video in November 9th occurred in Lingao County Overseas Chinese hospital violence caused by medical disputes. It is understood that the conflict led Lin Zhaoyang, Dean of the hospital, the head nurse, two people were injured in hospital, in which the fracture of the femur, tibia, Zhong Aihua serious, was at noon on the 12 day of surgery. Lingao police attaches great importance to and involved in the investigation, at 12 on the morning of 10 pm, the video captured suspected of wounding the suspect at a present, the case is under further investigation. Network video more than men to beat hospital doctors and nurses reporters watching one video to see, wearing a white medical personnel were forced down a black man in the room, then the man quickly went to the outside, and that health care workers fell heavily to the ground after the fall of the ground does not rise. Another video, a group of people in the street surrounded by a plain clothes man pushed to the ground, the crowd wearing a white T-shirt for young men then ruthless men kick down, the other man to discourage other people to beat the man lying on the ground. The net transfer of Lingao health care workers was beaten. The net transfer of Lingao health care workers was beaten. "The nurse wearing a white coat is long hospital Zhong Aihua, another was beaten by plainclothes men is the hospital dean Lin Zhaoyang." A staff member of the overseas Chinese Hospital of Lingao told reporters, because now two people were seriously injured, are currently in Lingao County People’s hospital inpatient treatment. After diagnosis, the head nurse Zhong Aihua femur, tibia fractures seriously injured, was 12 at noon on the operation began at 13. The causes of the incident to the medical dispute has paid about 200000 due to the hospital involved two parties injured in hospital, unable to accept an interview with reporters. However, the hospital has to submit a detailed report of the matter to the Hainan Provincial People’s medical dispute mediation committee. The report said, in August 27th, Wang Moudan in the county hospital maternal Pro Chinese appeared respiratory and cardiac arrest after cesarean section, the medical personnel to rescue improved, turn pro Gaoxian People’s Hospital, later transferred to the ICU of Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital for treatment, the family request on the grounds of the hospital medical expenses advanced to the economic difficulties in Hainan Province, the people’s medical dispute the mediation committee of Lingao workstation mediation, the hospital in advance of more than 26 yuan for medical expenses. However, the move did not get thanked or understand patients’ families, but for the overseas Chinese hospital compensation for lost income, accommodation, living expenses, transportation fees, neonatal milk money and other huge costs, although the medical committee tune, Lingao County Health Bureau to intervene, and has repeatedly informed the families of patients with medical disputes processing procedures of compensation and legal regulations. But the company still has Mouyong maternal character to bring people to the hospital threatening, abusive staff, move by hospital elevator waiting chair does not let patient access, and repeatedly threatened export. The scene in the video occurs at 9 am on November 9th, the patient’s home.相关的主题文章: