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Hainan university campus loan spread exposure the payee to students "live" debt collection "recently, a month before the end of the live debt collection, see" posts in industry and Commerce of Hainan province Career Academy Post Bar published by users to discuss. The person who posted "lost 97" in the post claim and debt collection, ID card information, school, professional, grade, work unit, name and other information published boss. Daily reporter found that in the Hainan University, Hainan Normal University, Hainan Normal College and university after field survey, the "campus loan" has different degrees of spread in various colleges and universities in our province, and values of students, consumption concept is not correct, then by virtue of the "campus loan" excessive consumption, excessive consumption. A Hainan college student was in debt to suspicions about money posted online collection, said: "the way is not afraid, do not pay back the money, as long as a dare borrow will stand not repay the consequences. Wait to borrow money really do not have time, someone will let you pay back the money." Tone tough, causing users to discuss. Net friend "able· feather" said: credit institutions (company platform) should also be not responsible for the risk assessment? Usury legitimacy, violation of law how to deal with, this is a problem…… 27 to 28, the reporter repeatedly call the net posts published by the number of students in debt, but no answer. 28 PM, Hainan province industry and Commerce Career Academy student director Chen Lili said that at present is to verify the borrower’s identity, if true, will coordinate the student loan repayment, notify the parents when necessary, suggested that the two sides through legal channels. The reporter visited our province university students with campus credit excessive consumption of 27 days, the Daily reporter visited Hainan University, Hainan Normal University, Hainan Normal College, Haikou College of Economics and other colleges and universities, according to the students, "campus loan" has different degrees of spread in Colleges and universities in Hainan. Hainan Normal College Junior Girls Liu said, had used "interest installments, installment purchase business, mobile phone and computer. We limit the amount of two thousand yuan on the general. Want to buy something but the cost of living is not enough, you can also buy, next month, the pressure is not too large." Primary school education in Hainan Normal University, a small girl who revealed that the monthly cost of living 800 yuan, in which students belong to the less economic sources. I generally do not make-up, the purchase of daily necessities is relatively cheap, so do not feel constrained, but some students economic pressure." Small character revealed that there are too many students around the students, but there is no cause too embarrassing situation. A lot of students in our normal university will go out part-time tutor, a class twenty or thirty yuan, every Monday there will be a total of $one hundred or two hundred." Xiao Fu believes that campus loans may stimulate the advance consumption, excessive consumption, but for students who need to start, perhaps a timely rain. Hainan industrial and Commercial University of Career Academy, said Wang Tongxue, a junior boy, for boys, the effectiveness of campus loans mainly to buy digital products. "Digital products tend to attract the attention of the boys, but these things are expensive, we can not afford to, can only take some so-called shortcut." "I used the only product.相关的主题文章: