Hainan court three big platform to promote judicial openness and public perception of fairness and j win7codecs

Hainan court of the "big three" platform construction to promote judicial public feelings of the people of Justice – Beijing Beijing in September 26 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Fu Meibin) Hainan Provincial Higher People’s court vice president Liu Cheng 26, in the province of the five NPC Standing Committee twenty-third meeting on the topic of the report said that the construction of the three Hainan court of justice open platform (that is, the flow of public trial, judgment documents, the implementation of information disclosure), the promotion of justice and the v. service contracting interest rate, to avoid "the emergence of a large number of different co contracting problems, reform the judicial petition significantly, preliminary implementation of judicial appeal according to law, the rights of rational regression. Liu Cheng said that the Hainan court of the three judicial open platform for the purpose of making people feel justice in every judicial case. He said that 28 of the province’s courts (excluding Sansha two court filing Hall) has been built and the litigation service center. The litigation service center to implement the "one-stop" open service, covering the action guide, registration, trial and enforcement information disclosure, legal documents, consulting, material collection, query letters and reception, answering questions after judgment (judge, rotating) payment refund, judicial relief, file access, inspection and other twelve service reception. Since May 1st last year since the implementation of the registration system, to the first half of this year, the province’s three court filing rate of up to 95.2%. Can not be filed on the spot to do a one-time written reply, five days to make a decision. Filing hall to establish the whole process of the judge handling the case publicly, the parties through the touch screen can click on the window to view the filing information and the whole process of the trial process. Inconvenience to the door of the parties and off-site filing problems, the implementation of online filing, online inquiry, the implementation of the appointment of a remote village and filing. The court of first instance, the second instance, the retrial, retrial cases, except in accordance with the provisions of the law is not open, all public hearing. Major sensitive difficult cases, invited deputies, CPPCC members, independent supervisors attended the trial and live trial. Since 2013, the province’s court by law as the Tianya website has broadcast the trial period 426. Hainan court case with "code" in the litigation documents, the parties through the mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code can directly query related cases in various stages of the case, the undertaker, closing date, the progress of the trial, the legal trial, trial days all kinds of details. Hainan court will comply with the terms of the public judgment documents published by the end of the net to be uploaded to the Chinese referee network. As of August 31, 2016, the province’s courts in the end of the legal network, the Chinese referee instrument network issued 153050 referee documents. The implementation of information disclosure, the horizon legal network carrier to the public according to the law enforcement cases, standard fees, execution risk, based on the implementation of standards and implementation procedures and other relevant information. Judicial open forced judges to continuously improve the quality of business ability and level, strengthen the judge’s business sense of responsibility. At the beginning of this year, Hainan three courts since two months review of "judicial reform" settles in more than 8 thousand cases)相关的主题文章: