Guy to work for a network of loans to his mother was cheated 18 thousand

The guy working for the network loans cure cheated 18 thousand yuan mobile phone screenshot original title: mother to the Sichuan guy guy work in Xi’an loan to cure his mother cheated eighteen thousand western network (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" reporter Wang Huan Li) is a county in Sichuan province from Tongjiang to Xi’an migrant workers, and he is a dutiful son. Most of his salary to return home to the perennial sick mother to see a doctor, but recently, he had a thing that had very poor living, it is one disaster after another. When the reporter saw Li, Li said he had not eaten a meal a day, to bring their own experience, Xiao Li seems sad and helpless. Mike: I have been working on the site of migrant workers, wages did not send down, the mother to see a doctor at home, suddenly I want to borrow some money." Because of the loan utterly ignorant of things, Mike just found the Internet, the chosen one called "personal identity card loans" website, enter the name and telephone number, soon someone contacted him. Mike: he said he was a bank, can help me to fifty thousand yuan loan, only received a fee of $600." Mike listens, can borrow fifty thousand yuan of money, but this can solve his as pressing danger. So, he hastened to give each other a fee. After a while, his phone rang again. Mike: "suddenly changed a person, that is a bank manager, I have no need to verify the repayment ability, I will from the friends borrowed eighteen thousand dollars, through the bank self-service teller machine, then turned away." The reporter learned that, at that time impatient, Li did not think, but after turning over 18000 yuan, the other should have let him pay other fees, Li finally realized that was wrong. Clearly their own loans, but how to turn to the other side of the money? Subsequently, in the reminder of the family, Li hurried to the police station, but too late. Mike: Honestly I now have a dead heart, want to be another, a wife and baby, mom was sick, he gave up the idea of suicide. Eighteen thousand dollars, earn it or earn it back." Xiao Li said that his mother’s disease is perennial chronic disease, one to the winter on the terrible, he and his wife earned wages in Xi’an, more than half are sent home to the mother with a cure. But at the end of the site, not the money, he suffered a fraud at this point, the day can be said to be said of an aged person. However, in the eyes of Li, the light of hope or some, perhaps the police will soon be able to solve the case? Perhaps their wages will be issued tomorrow? Source: Western Network Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: