Guy theft jailed for 10 years in the Mid Autumn Festival on the stage crying mother kneeling flowers

Guy theft jailed for 10 years in the Mid Autumn Festival on the stage crying mother kneeling flowers – Beijing, northeast news network September 19th 12, in the new Heilongjiang prison, 54 prisoners families came to the prison, and prison inmates to advance over the mid autumn festival. Li Bai (a pseudonym) is a prison prison eight prison area, this year, aged 28. In the Mid Autumn Festival theatrical performances, Li Bai performed a song "salvation of the soul" as well as his own. The end of the show, Li Bai crying mother to kneel, and presented a bouquet of flowers. The 12 day is Li Bai’s mother’s birthday, Li Bai’s mother sent to prison prison in the family assistance and education, Li Bai and his mother met last time or half a year ago. Li Bai said that the sophomore year, that is, in August 2010, when he was 22 years old. One day, he and a classmate and a friend walking to the the Yellow River Road, a TOYOTA sedan door saw no lock, and car keys still in the car. For fun, Li Bo and his classmates and friends three people on the train, the car drove away by Li Bai, and intends to open a section of the car back to the original place. When the car drove to the north of a wasteland, the car did not oil, and the three will be thrown down the car after school. Four months later, the police found the car lost the TOYOTA corolla, the police also found Li Bai and his classmates and friends. At that time, this car TOYOTA corolla is estimated at 104 thousand yuan. In the end, the court sentenced him to theft in ten years and four months, his classmates and friends have been sentenced to 10 years or so. Li Bai was not active in the early days of the reform, people are also very negative. The prison instructor know Li Bai in the study at school is interior design, in order to let Li Bai from prison to have bought the instructor proficiency in a particular line, and some clothing design related books, let Li Bai watch and learn. Slowly, Lee began to coordinate transformation. For more than 4 years, Li Bai will be out of jail. (Shi Dongxu)相关的主题文章: