Guangzhou Daily in the marshal new upsurge of sports —

Guangzhou Daily: in the "marshal" new upsurge of sports — original title: super "marshal" new climax 12 finals cruised rounds, re focus in domestic football. Rest for half a month, plus the weather is cooler, the fire is very fierce in the team, scoring more than 3, or even 6 to 1 such a big score. In the closing stages for both super situation is very fierce. Hengda ended the August haze, a strong beat Hebei China happiness, return to normal. Suning also used a rout to keep running away, believe the championship at least in October. At the bottom of Shijiazhuang, Yongchang and Changchun Yatai is not much improvement, from the bottom third Hangzhou Greentown have 6 points. In the league only 6 rounds of the case, in order to reverse the situation, I am afraid it is not easy. In the increasingly fierce competition in the occasion of the season, the teams have happened 7 Huanshuai events, the big news recently in the fact and coach about. The return of Lippi Hengda news had spread, Scolari not stimulated is impossible. In the current state of Hengda and integral advantage, to achieve the 6 title should not be a problem. Once Scolari left, then the whole super teacher Brazil will be the end of the campaign, which is consistent with the current Brazil coach in the global coach strength chart is the performance of the downturn. Hebei Huaxia happiness yesterday by the Chilean Engineer Pellegrini took office, claiming to use 3 years to build the best team in asia. Just in the stands witnessed new club with 3 goals to defeat Hengda foot, "carry" the natural heart to realize the club Ten thousand steeds gallop., heroic, next year would be the world wave a buy buy buy. However, although Pellegrini is South Beauty, but he over the past 10 years has been in the European club steeped, the style is attributed to "europeanization". To be honest, the temple of Stojkovic and the Shenhua MANSANO this year over the best coach, their team can play good football transfer control. With regression and Pei Lippi handsome in the temple of Stojkovic are compared about the club to renew the construction of another marshal. There is no doubt that the R & F club has recognized Stojkovic for the team to bring the transformation of the day". After a long period of time, R & F in the local youth training force is worth looking forward to. More and more join is super good coach, I hope the national football coach Gao Hongbo also asked for more closely and digestion, accumulated valuable experience for the next stage of the 12 tour. (commissioning editor Hu Xuerong and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: