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Guangdong is expected to take the lead on local public finance income trillion yuan level according to the Xinhua news agency in Guangzhou in September 28, Guangdong tax cuts down costs "action", the first half of 2016 a total of 228 billion 300 million yuan burden for enterprises, at the same time, Guangdong province’s general public budget income fetched a record since 2012 the highest increase over the same period. Guangdong provincial finance department said that the province’s general public budget revenue is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan this year, and become the first local public revenue in China to reach trillion yuan. Guangdong’s steady growth and reduction in taxes and fees reflect the supply and acquisition of products, reflecting the change of business environment and the change of economic structure in Guangdong. Fangshuiyangyu down costs and improve the efficiency of tax cuts to promote the "big change" after the comparison, the international Internet giant CISCO announced in April this year, the China Innovation Center headquarters in Guangzhou, this is the first in the cloud intelligent manufacturing industry as the core, the scale of the annual output value of over 100 billion yuan, the world’s leading smart city project China. The choice of CISCO is largely related to the "environmental change" in Guangdong. In recent years, Guangdong has made great efforts to create a market oriented international business environment for the rule of law. The most important combination is the steady growth of tax reduction and tax reduction. Data show that since 2013, Guangdong were canceled, exemption, deferment or reduce the administrative fees of more than 200; 2012 replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) gradually open, Guangdong camp changed to increase the total tax of nearly 160 billion yuan. Due to the implementation of the policy in place, the effect of reducing taxes and reducing taxes in Guangdong is obvious, which is considered to be one of the areas in which the maximum tax reduction and tax reduction effect is the best in the experiment. "Tax cuts can bring enterprise burden, thus increasing more investment and innovation, rich enterprise engaged in R & D, it can be recovered, the industry will be able to expand." Ren Zhengfei, the president of HUAWEI, explained the significance of tax cuts. From the business environment in Guangdong, there is not much difference from the developed markets in the world. The leading diversion channel will lead the economic restructuring in Guangdong. We should pay attention to the "addition", increase investment in key areas and key links, and innovate and promote transformation. In recent years, the provincial finance has invested more than 17 billion yuan to promote industrial transfer and invested 7 billion 500 million yuan to support industrial enterprises to implement technical transformation. According to the relevant plan, Guangdong’s fiscal year 2015~2017 has nearly 100 billion yuan as a whole to support the implementation of the innovation driven strategy. The key is to support enterprise innovation in key links such as transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Guangdong, also pay attention to the "multiplication", pry social capital, seek to win and develop. At present, Guangdong provincial fiscal investment has set up 24 policy funds, which has leveraged all levels of Finance and social capital 103 billion 550 million yuan, and the next step is to scale up to about 280 billion yuan. With the leading of fiscal and tax policies, the number of high-tech enterprises in Guangdong increased by 19.5% over the same period in 2015, and the investment in high-tech manufacturing industry increased by 35.8%, which is 11.3 percentage points higher than that in the same period of manufacturing industry. At present, Guangdong’s economic structure is undergoing great changes. A group of enterprises represented by GREE electric and Midea has successfully realized the innovation driven transformation. The high-end service industry cluster area with Guangzhou and Shenzhen as the core has accelerated to become the core area of the modern industry in the province. To take to upgrade operation as the center of the road supply in the first half of this year, Guangdong province’s general public budget revenue fetched 543 billion 863 million yuan, not only than the local average increase of 10.1% and 7 percentage points, also hit Guangdong since 2012 the highest increase over the same period. It is estimated that the general public budget revenue of Guangdong province is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan this year. It has become the first local public finance revenue to go up trillion yuan in China. Experts believe that the reason why it can cross trillions of steps lies in the tightness of the financial and tax hands of Guangdong. Ceng Zhiquan, director of the Guangdong provincial finance department, thinks that from the perspective of the relationship between finance and economy, the relationship between tax reduction and steady growth is the relationship between "giving" and "taking", so as to exchange for sustainable "taking" first. In this relationship, tax cuts are the means, and steady growth is the goal. 广东有望率先跨上地方公共财政收入万亿元台阶   据新华社广州9月28日电 广东降费减税“动真格”,2016年上半年累计为企业减负2283亿元,与此同时,广东全省一般公共预算收入“进账”创下自2012年以来的同期增幅最高值。广东省财政厅表示,今年全省一般公共预算收入有望首超万亿元,成为全国首个地方公共财政收入跨上万亿元台阶的省份。   广东稳增长、降税费“增减之间”,体现了供给之手的予取有术,反映的是广东营商环境之变、经济结构之变。   放水养鱼 降费减税提效促“大变”   几经比较后,国际互联网巨头思科公司今年4月宣布其中国创新中心总部落户广州,这是中国首个以智能制造云产业为核心、年产值规模超千亿元、全球领先的智慧城项目。   思科的选择很大程度上与广东“环境之变”有关。近年来,广东下大力气打造市场化法治化国际化营商环境,最重要的组合拳是降费减税稳增长。数据显示,2013年以来,广东共取消、免征、缓征或降低行政事业性收费标准200多项;2012年营改增逐步推开后,广东累计营改增减税近1600亿元。由于政策落实到位,广东降费减税成效明显,被认为是营改增试点中减税力度最大、减税效果最好的地区之一。   “减税可以带来企业持续减负,从而增加更多投资和创新,企业有钱搞研发,这样就能得到休养生息,产业就能做大。”华为公司总裁任正非这样阐释减税的意义。从广东的营商环境看,与全球发达市场已没有多少差距。   导流入渠 超前引领推动经济重构   广东,注重做好“加法”,加大对重点领域和关键环节的投入力度,强创新促转型。近年来,省财政已投入逾170亿元推动产业转移,投入75亿元支持工业企业实施技术改造。按照相关计划,广东省财政2015~2017年统筹近1000亿元支持创新驱动战略的实施,重点是在科技成果转化等关键环节支持企业创新。   广东,也注重做好“乘法”,撬动社会资本,谋共赢求发展。目前,广东省级财政出资设立24项政策性基金,已撬动各级财政及社会资本1035.5亿元,下一步力争实现放大规模至约2800亿元。在财税政策的超前引领下,2015年广东全省高新技术企业数量同比增长19.5%;高新技术制造业投资增长35.8%,高于同期制造业投资11.3个百分点。   目前,广东经济结构正在发生巨变,以格力电器、美的集团为代表的一批企业成功实现创新驱动转型,以广州、深圳为核心的高端服务业集聚区加速成为全省现代产业核心区。     予取有术 以供给为中心的升级之路   今年上半年,广东全省一般公共预算收入“进账”5438.63亿元,不仅比全国地方平均增幅10.1%高7个百分点,还创下广东自2012年以来同期增幅最高值。据预计,今年广东全省一般公共预算收入有望首超万亿元,成为全国首个地方公共财政收入跨上万亿元台阶的省份。   有关专家认为,之所以能跨上万亿元台阶,在于广东财税供给之手的松紧有度。   广东省财政厅厅长曾志权认为,从财政与经济的关系角度看,减税费与稳增长就是“予”与“取”的关系,以先“予”换取可持续的“取”。在这对关系中,减税费是手段,稳增长是目的。相关的主题文章: