Greek Prime Minister reshuffled the cabinet face the challenges of debt negotiations and refugee cri

The Greek prime minister, the cabinet reshuffle facing debt reduction negotiations with the refugee crisis challenges such as the new network in Athens Xinhua News Agency on 4 November, (reporter Liu Yongqiu Chen Zhanjie) Greek Prime Minister Tsipras 4 cabinet reshuffle, Treasury Secretary Ca Carlo Toth and other key members of the cabinet office. Outgoing Greek government spokesman Gillo Vasily by the Greek state television announced, in addition to the finance minister, Deputy Prime Minister de Raja Sarkis, foreign minister Kochas, defense minister Can May North will remain in office. The new cabinet consists of 48 members, most of its core members served in the previous cabinet, the reorganization of the 11 cabinet members resigned, 15 people for the first time to enter the cabinet. Local media commented that in the cabinet reshuffle, some hawkish cabinet members resigned, several cabinet of technocrats. The new cabinet will be sworn in 5 days. In recent months, the Greek government has implemented a series of austerity and reform measures according to a new round of bailout agreement, the ruling coalition of the radical left Party (the party) to support the rate of decline, the opposition New Democratic Party’s support rate than the party. Some political analysts pointed out that the reshuffle of the cabinet will face a series of challenges, including debt negotiations with creditors to deal with the refugee crisis, etc..相关的主题文章: