Grandma will stay locked inside the house were both siblings burst fire burned – Sohu

Grandma will stay locked inside the house were both siblings burst fire burned – Sohu news 17, three peach Township Weixin County in Zhaotong city in three peach village group of villagers tianjiaba a house fire, was locked in the house of the siblings were killed, a sadly sigh. The reporter understands, the siblings were called Mandy (a pseudonym), Xiaogang (a pseudonym), only two or three years old, parents perennial work in Zhejiang, grandma went out to help take care of the other sun sun, usually by grandpa Zhang Shuxiang care. On the morning of 8, the 52 year old Zhang Shuxiang for fear of grandchildren to play in the water tank of the yard, and they will be locked in the house, and then went up to the mountain alone closing corn. This room at 10:30, Mandy, the Xiao Gang suddenly caught fire. After the fire, the neighbors came to the fire, and call the police for help, someone broke the door, rushed into the house. Although the fire was quickly extinguished the villagers, but Mandy and Brock have no breathing. Who heard Zhang Shuxiang looked at two children, heartbroken. The fire occurred the same day, three peach Township Mayor Li Kejiang who bring home condolences to the families of the deceased, made of rice, quilts and other relief supplies to help the deceased a commitment in the future. The 18 day, the villagers help, sister laid to rest. For the cause of the fire, the relevant departments of staff analysis, excluding the possibility of arson, the main combustion location for the house sofa, the child may play in the house due to lighter. There is also a possibility that wire aging, short circuit fires. Spring City Evening News reporter Shen Shixun相关的主题文章: