Gong guess again! Never change routine girl! Everybody attention! – Sohu-chompoo araya

Gong guess again?! Never change routine girl! Everybody attention! Sohu in Hunan before Wang Gongcai was arrested is a cheerful routine primary school routine dog Gong guess fraud Audi million sacked, today is hated by both man and God, Tai Tai he who broke the news to me: the reader to guess Gong came back! Then I was forced to rip, Gong guess not got caught? Then I would tell the readers the details screenshot more, be patient at rest assured that the public number of compressed images badly, also won’t waste your much traffic line now used by the mobile phone number guess Gong, also a pseudonym for Gong Yihan and guess, or that pretend to be cool view, uncle police did not take the education of his tender the distance is more than a dozen big brother chrysanthemum last lesson that did not take long to guess again No wonder the crimes to his famous is always die in his early days, only death can stop guess that routine unlimited heart I don’t know how it is perhaps Gongcai bail perhaps his former Gang continue to use his account fraud, what should we do? Police could not sanction him lessons can’t make him stop but we can do is to let go, diffusion can not start thanks to each liar every reader has forwarded your forwarding, might save a consumer from routine as the reader, because a push only survived remember, whether it is in Hunan not the first, surnamed gong!   相关的主题文章: