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God Tucao: domestic fantasy 50 Fen special spicy eyes – Sohu news yesterday ended the sixty-eighth annual Primetime Emmy Awards, "game of Thrones" received 23 nominations for the 12 Awards: in addition won the Best Drama Award, also won the best director and best screenplay award and a technical Emmy, contracted again.   the only regret is probably the "game of Thrones" failed to get the actor actor actress this is not, after all the main men TV series. Always Tucao protagonist halo, know the power of the game in the five quarter, only to understand the role of a just like he died of pain.   Martin said calmly: This is because they damn.   although abused thousands of times, fans love can not only increase, every season of "game of Thrones" in their record refresh. In April 12, 2015 8 million American viewers watched the first episode of season fifth "chaos to war", compared to more than 1 million 160 thousand in the fourth quarter of the premiere audience, an increase of up to 17%. After the Emmy Awards, NBA’s Kobe also immediately announced: "the game of power"." And with idol drama, happy ~   "game of Thrones" is the United States pay TV channel HBO launched the historical fantasy blockbuster fantasy epic ", adapted from a song of ice and fire" episode seven, is about the forces of the parties in the virtual world to seize the Iron Throne launched a struggle for power mad brutal, mysterious creatures in the wall the ready. The relationship between the characters is not complicated, probably the following:   because too popular, many Chinese viewers can not help but ask: how can China’s five thousand years of civilization can not make such a historical fantasy drama system? A word on the fruit body, every two sets of dew Mimi, we shoot a little difficult to estimate.   to say the historical drama, nor have we been in the limelight last year, the "Nirvana in Fire" is in recent years, the outstanding domestic drama, but from the production point of view, the Chinese still don’t burn and play TV, such as Su long appearance of the fog, was still looked quite embarrassing.   from a historical point of view, the "power" to retain the British accent, increase the atmosphere of the historical drama, the play 90% of the actors are from the United Kingdom and ireland. HBO TV: in addition to the money in the United States, the other with the british.   the other is not to say, respect for history and the audience, hoping a little Korean star China costume drama, such as what the pickled cabbage in Duan Yu……   however, the domestic drama is limited, after all, can do this is very sincere. "Nirvana in Fire" cost 110 million yuan, took 54 sets, the average cost 2 million yuan per episode, "power game" average $6 million per set, with 38 million yuan, not at all in one level than.   besides Chinese fantasy, despite recent lack of fantasy drama, but the 50 Fen effects always let people look very awkward, such as summer drama rotten crown "-". Although the play is known as the "Oriental version of the" game of power "相关的主题文章: