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The "God" of the 14 uses of aspirin – Sohu health lead birth of more than and 100 years, aspirin was first used antipyretic analgesics, after more and more effect were found. Aspirin was first derived from willow bark and was synthesized at the end of nineteenth Century. It has also won a Nobel prize. The birth of more than and 100 years, first used antipyretic analgesics, then the research scientists found more and more uses, small antipyretic and analgesic, to prevent cancer. So someone gave it a river hat – "God medicine". Today, we take a look at the inventory of those "God" role. 1, the analgesic effect is mainly through inhibition of prostaglandin and other pain can make to mechanical or chemical stimulation sensitive substances (such as bradykinin, histamine) synthesis, belongs to peripheral analgesics. But it is impossible to exclude the possibility of central analgesia. For chronic pain, but not in acute sharp pain and pain. 2, the antipyretic effect can make the patients with fever hypothermia, but had no effect on normal temperature, probably by acting on hypothalamic thermoregulation caused by peripheral vascular expansion, increased blood flow, increased sweating, skin and antipyretic effects of heat, the central role of prostaglandins in the hypothalamus and may inhibit the synthesis of. 3, anti-inflammatory, anti rheumatic inflammatory mechanism is not clear, may be due to its role in inflammatory tissues by inhibiting prostaglandin can cause inflammatory reaction or other substances (such as histamine) synthesis and anti-inflammatory effects. On the anti rheumatism, mainly because it has antipyretic analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. 4, anti platelet aggregation of aspirin by inhibiting platelet prostaglandin cyclooxygenase, thus preventing the formation of thromboxane A2 and play a role in anti platelet aggregation. 5, Kawasaki Kawasaki for patient disease in children with aspirin, to reduce inflammation and prevent the formation of intravascular thrombus. 6, for diabetes mellitus aspirin may promote endogenous insulin secretion and hepatic glycogen synthesis, inhibition of intestinal absorption of sugar and sugar intake and to promote the organization to reduce the levels of blood glucose. 7, for Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimer’s disease) it is found that the risk of taking aspirin often elderly people suffering from dementia and cognitive impairment was significantly reduced. Low dose aspirin can reduce dementia. This is because aspirin has a role in enhancing brain blood flow and preventing blood clotting. 8, reduce the gastrointestinal cancer incidence and mortality studies showed that PGE2 and tumor development and metastasis is closely related with tumor growth, the level gradually increased, aspirin can decrease the level of PGE2, inhibit the growth and metastasis of tumor. The synthesis of TXA2 was increased in the tumor tissues, and aspirin had a significant effect on preventing the hypercoagulable state of patients with cancer, and had the effect of anti-tumor metastasis. Aspirin for 5 years or more: the risk of death from gastrointestinal cancer is reduced by a factor of 20 over a period of 35% years. 9, for male contraception semen containing 13 kinds of PG, the total amount of 300mg ml is conducive to the operation of the sperm and pregnancy, a note相关的主题文章: