Global angel investment forum held in the Han 19 projects were nearly $200 million financing beself

The global forum held 19 angel investment projects in the Han Dynasty was nearly 200 million yuan financing in September 26th 2016, Wuhan City partner program and global angel investment forum held in East Lake lake, East Lake 100 investment expert copolymerization, 19 projects to participate in the roadshow to obtain financing amount of nearly 200 million yuan. Talk about the trend of capital will return to the real estate industry, all the technology to be applied in reality." Yesterday, one of the United States, one of Silicon Valley’s most senior investors MartinStroka said at the forum, with artificial intelligence as the representative of the new technology will be used in the new manufacturing. Silicon Valley angel fund management partner Kong Dehai said that as a basic technology of Internet, the mission has been completed, there will be more industry application of Internet technology and other new technologies, and ultimately the formation of new industry. Well known angel investors, founder of Optics Valley coffee founder Li Ruxiong believes that the initial demographic dividend in the Internet site in an air gap, with the slowdown in the growth of users, the capital will return to the real estate industry. Yesterday, the vast majority of the 10 respondents said investors are more willing to invest in a certain technical threshold of industrial projects, not just a business model. About Wuhan Wuhan is becoming an investment high yesterday, 19 entrepreneurial projects from Wuhan to get total amount of investment of nearly 200 million yuan, of which, only "graphite document" of a project to get 9 investment invitation letter. Statistics show that since 2015, after the implementation of the city partner program, Wuhan is accelerating the gathering of talent, technology and capital of the new heights, the next three years, Wuhan will build more than 10 innovative eco valley. "Wuhan has come out of a model." Li Ruxiong said that at present, the company is being invited in Chengdu, Xi’an, Hefei and other cities copy Wuhan experience, then will go to Chongqing, Changsha and other places." Wuhan girl Chen Dan said that at present, her investment team has invested 10 projects in Wuhan, Wuhan is becoming the next investment heights". Talk about the lack of enterprises in Wuhan have to do awareness, we have more than 20% investment projects in Hubei fellow company." Attention to medicine in the field of health Chen Dan said, relying on Wuhan, China high school, Wuhan never lack of talent, in the "double" background, the market needs better innovation and entrepreneurship investment ecology. In this regard, DT Capital Partners Zhang Le said, Wuhan foreign population inflows every year in steady growth, from the small indicators, Wuhan has the foundation of future development, now is the need for government support and guidance, to help more enterprises to the capital market. Li Ruxiong believes that Wuhan enterprises need to do thorough awareness, spend 10 years, to achieve the ultimate in a particular field, which is needed to be encouraged. More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to the big Chu venture WeChat, scan the two-dimensional code or search dachucy相关的主题文章: