Ghost amazing

"Ghost" amazing stage for five years, 14 countries and regions, a total of 2500 games, with five different languages. 5 Oliver Award nominations, 3 Toni Award nominations, best musical. Touched by the hundreds of millions of couples, "the biggest stage production Yongcheng There was no parallel in history.", 2016 Asian premiere countdown…… 6 days, 8 games, 10 large container equipment, during the performance and loading station, troupe party 22 technical staff, total employment and use the 240 bit loading station workers, 60 volunteer translators, the stage area total installed 28 "electric hoist" (each bearing ranging from 1-2T). "Electric hoist" will play the following small for everyone to uncover the "ghost" is a corner of 10 container trucks arrived at the theater night heralded the start of work hanging on the stage, 10 car 12 meters maximum size of the container, they are prepared, and shipped from American radio equipment from the British shipping to the equipment, and most from Australia from afar — the company in the first half of this year just ended the tour of australia. All the staff arrived at the theater, communication and foreign staff, start working, unloading, handling and unloading of things, most want to hang on to the stage above, as part of the container after discharge, three Bingfen Road: the way to a truck, road lamps, installation of a stage area roadside area began to pick the console. In order to present the most perfect stage, the installation will last for several days. The original classic musical "ghost" Ghost? The Musical time: November 15, 2016 – 18, 19:00 – 20, November 19, 2016 14:00, 19:00 performance ticket price: VIP980 78058038028018080 (student tickets) 30 (Huimin votes) membership package: 1100 yuan (780 yuan *2)   870 yuan (580 yuan *2) "ghost" show the love, is an eternal topic. Whether it is the real life or artistic creation, are unable to escape the category of love. However, in the face of money to see the face of love has become a luxury. Everyone screamed with loneliness and solitude, but few people are willing to take that brave step to give. We don’t believe in not love love, there is such a musical turned occur. It is not in the idea that the story of mistress, mistress Marysu no silly white sweet, no more shocking shot shredded devils. Some men and women together with the production of ceramic romantic, beyond life and death also love to move together. Yes, it is a classic love drama "ghost", this movie by original screenwriter Bruce Joey? Robin’s adaptation, in the form of a musical show once again in front of the audience, to get attention and praise the hitherto unknown. Even Bruce himself said: "I have not seen hundreds of times, as a musical, I give it the highest score." A musical version of "ghost" director, actor, screenwriter constant相关的主题文章: