Genuine half price Nanjing police cracked a series of false – counterfeiting and selling Beijing visualboyadvance

"Genuine" half price Nanjing police cracked a series of false – counterfeiting and selling Beijing official with the money, counter genuine." "100% of the original single goods, OEM products……" Your WeChat circle of friends is also a lot of such attractive advertising? "Counter genuine" as long as half the price, you dare to buy it? Reporter survey found that many people are attracted by such temptation, and then fall into the trap. What’s more, many of them chose to be silent because they had been cheated. The day before, Nanjing Pukou Public Security Bureau received a public warning, he passed a shop to buy a pair of shoes 3". However, after you get that quality should not be genuine than poor unbearable, angrily, reported to the police. Although the value of only a few hundred dollars, but the Pukou police according to this line of investigation, uncovered a series of producing and selling fake products, the so-called "genuine" has come from Beijing, Guangdong, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places of small workshops, the police arrested 11 suspects, investigate dens warehouse 7, total the amount involved more than 2400 yuan. Correspondent Liu Yutong Chen Huan Yangzi Evening News reporter Mei Jianming: WeChat to buy online shopping as "counter genuine" receipt found fake pulled the black in the first half of this year, who lives in Pukou with Mr. Wang of the public to buy their own 3 pair of brand-name sports shoes "to the police station, said cheated. It turned out that Mr. Wang in a fancy shop with a pair of brand-name sports shoes, the owner wrote is the official with the money, counter genuine, but the price as long as the counter half. Although Mr. Wang had doubts, the seller’s reply is "we are directly on behalf of the factory goods, cheap!" Can support returns". Enthusiastic seller took the initiative to add Mr. Wang WeChat, said the new products in general, as well as the first WeChat discount. Mr. Wang heart, see so cheap, but also a famous brand, they bought a one-time 3 pairs. Mr. Wang can never expect that, after he received the shoes, shoes found rough texture, poor workmanship, at the first glance that is not what the so-called counter genuine". When Mr. Wang wants to find a seller to say, the seller simply pulled him, knowing that after being cheated Wang chose the police for help. After receiving the report, although the value of only a few hundred dollars, but the Pukou police did not easily let go, and immediately organized the police to provide Mr. Wang shop and WeChat account for investigation. After careful screening of the police to identify the two suspects Tao, Zhong Mou on the use of a treasure shop and two WeChat account, selling fake brand-name sports shoes, purses and other luxury goods. The police attack: Shop pull fake gangs spread across provinces and cities worth 24 million 2 thousand and 16 years at the end of April, police in Pukou to find out the suspect Taomou, Bell’s whereabouts, dispatched promptly contact the relevant departments of industry and commerce, the two suspects raided two in Nanjing office rental. Tao, Zhongmou by the police control, staff at the scene seized counterfeit brand-name sports shoes, bags and other 3 pieces, involving more than 10 million yuan worth. Pukou police seized the fake after the gang did not close, but follow this clue and continue to dig deeper, selling for upstream, in order to destroy the network and counterfeiting counterfeiting, and selling.相关的主题文章: