General Houston harden – Sohu sports stadium frustrated

Houston will harden the stadium frustrated romantic – Sports Sohu in November 2nd, the Rockets lost 120:128 away defending champion knight. Knight of the new season so far unbeaten, Erwin’s excellent play is an important reason. The Rockets had some ups and downs, and harden change play guard very fit, averaging scored 20 points and 10 assists in the league, only three people can do this, the other two are Lebron · and Russell · James; Westbrook. Harden is still irresistible up 45+15 data, but the Rockets still away defeat. There is a saying: the stadium frustrated, lucky in love, for Harden, it is so. In the days before exposure to harden his new girlfriend, she is 28 year old supermodel supermodel Kaluqie Portland ·. From the appearance, the body looks, some of the charm of the Oriental beauty LAN, yes, she is a u.s.. At the age of 20 in the NBA for the strong point guard, harden these years girlfriend than shaving also frequently, a buxom, but recently, people found that the harden taste changed, it is really suitable for Portland type harden?相关的主题文章: