Gansu Longnan police to save the drowning girl jumped the river to commit suicide repeatedly to save-crycry

Gansu Longnan police to save the drowning girl jumped the river to commit suicide repeatedly save – Beijing new network in Lanzhou in October 25, (Lining Cui Lin) Gansu Longnan Wudu District Public Security Bureau disclosure 24, 23:57 on October 23, 2016, the Bureau command center command Patrol Police Brigade Fanlong and two colleagues successfully rescue a girl in a river. However, because the fan dragon consumes a lot of energy in the rescue process, and the water is deep and dark, the river rapids, unfortunately he was swept away, eventually died sacrifice. It is understood that the fan dragon had repeatedly commit suicide rescue personnel. The 30 year old fan dragon, in 2004 to participate in the China people’s Liberation Army, who had served in the air force airborne troops; retired in January 2011 after being placed in the Public Security Bureau of Gansu Longnan Wudu District Police Brigade; in 2015 he was appointed the first Police Brigade squadron deputy commander. Since the work, he earnestly perform their duties, charge before, well done numerous tasks. Pictured police fan dragon during his lifetime and colleagues rescue personnel at the scene of suicide. Longnan police in January 23, 2016 11 pm, fan dragon command center received 110 calls: Wudu suburb in the old bridge on a woman want to jump the river, request assistance. After the alarm, Fanlong immediately led the other police rushed to the scene. At the scene, they saw the woman sitting in the more than thirty meters away from the river bridge arch hole, rescue difficult. Fan dragon arrangement part of the police on the bridge, the woman for the rest of the police persuasion, under the bridge. At that moment the woman not listen to persuasion, jumped into the river, will Fan Long and colleagues immediately plunged into the icy waters of the woman rescued. After understanding the women’s Department of foreigners, because of emotional problems, take things too hard, she no relatives or friends in the local, so to commit suicide. Police held a farewell party for fan dragon, mourn the servant of the people. This is the Longnan public security camera, fan dragon repeatedly commit suicide rescue personnel, personnel. According to the Public Security Bureau of Longnan District of Wudu, since he participated in the work of five years, 110 were involved in the disposal of all kinds of alarm 2145 times, to carry out street patrols 1032 times, all kinds of criminal suspects and arrested 116 people, arrested 6 fugitives (individual arrested 1 fugitives, captured major theft suspect 1, cracked theft cases 39), involved in the disposal of emergencies since 42, suppression of street traffic disputes since 118, more than 120 times, 21 people, rescue fire accident 6, to assist in the search for missing children 12, seized control of the tool 44, without any violations of discipline, with events, is an excellent and popular area people and other people’s Police Brigade police for love. He has also been named the two global advanced individuals, the district was named the outstanding workers in the region of the two. The 24 day, the police held a farewell party for fan dragon, mourn the servant of the people. At the same time to remind everyone: life is a practice, when individuals face difficulties, should be brave, rational, cherish life, less like a pain. (end)相关的主题文章: