Gang of 3 people driving clone car specialized in high-speed road to steal diesel truck (map)

Gang of 3 people driving clone car specialized in high-speed road to steal diesel truck (Figure) scene (monitoring screenshot) tools "these thefts too hateful, the catch!" Recently, the Public Security Bureau Jiangjin captured a special G93 in Luzhou Chongqing high-speed service area theft truck fuel tank of diesel oil mouse, the other two suspects are arrested in. One hour of sleep empty tank according to the introduction, often run this way many truck drivers have encountered such a thing, the fuel tank of diesel There is not much left. stolen. Most of the stolen oil vehicle driving on the way due to lack of oil flame, so that drivers complain again and again. June 27th at 3 pm, into a large truck driver surnamed Zou Yu Lu G93 Jiangjin high-speed service area, parked the car to sleep in the cab. 4:30 Xu, Zou Xinglai launched the vehicle is ready to continue to travel, found the oil table pointer to the alarm red line. "There are half a box of oil before parking, how to wake up?" Zou Bo called the police. Police retrieved surveillance video service District Public Security Bureau Jiangjin found that the incident period only a white van Futian brand to enter the service area. Further investigation found that as long as the Chongqing Lu high-speed diesel truck theft occurred, the van will appear in the scene surrounding. The car is a clone car, the police judged the car occupants has a major crime suspects. The suspect vehicle front wheel gun with a thorough investigation, and from Sichuan and Chongqing 3 stolen gangs surfaced. Police will suspect vehicle license plates, features and other notification to the highway toll stations. August 25th morning, the police received clues, suspected vehicles appear again. The police immediately Dunshou in Chongqing Lu speed along Jiangjin. At 7:42 in the morning, the suspect vehicle slowly into the Yu Lu high-speed G93 Jiangjin toll stations, toll booths in ambush in the police, trying to control the suspect parking fee. But the other Jianshibumiao, start the vehicle ready to flee the red card. At this time, another team waiting at the toll station outside the police immediately to the police car in front of the suspect vehicle in toll lane blocking. The police suspect driving several strong impact, after the police broke in an attempt to flee, but did not succeed. Subsequently, the suspect and violent attempt to open the rear vehicle reversing society. Situation critical. Police pulled out a pistol on the suspect verbal warning, ordered to stop the check. Suspects simply do not listen to continue to drive crazy car and social vehicles hit. In order to avoid endanger public safety, to ensure the safety of the case, police decisive shot the suspect vehicle left front firing, forcing it to stop the car, the suspect Chen captured from the car seized clamp, pump and other tools of crime, a total of more than 1000 liters of diesel two barrels. One minute pumping truck fuel tank after interrogation, the suspect Chen was sentenced to prison for theft of diesel, in prison Zhang, Zhang moumou. 3 people after prison in Luzhou, bought a second-hand car, van, carefully converted and put on a fake license, from Sichuan and Chongqing, Chongqing Lu G93 in the high-speed service area special tank diesel truck theft. Touyou automation equipment, car filled with several big drums, with a plastic tube, through a 6相关的主题文章: