Gakisen said the family comedy mechanism of three gangs of Wushu — Sina hearthstone. t6570

Gakisen said: the family comedy mechanism of three gangs of Wushu — Sina group, group of hearthstone area, Hula crash, finally ushered in the new version! In the shaman electrotherapy years, don’t know you well? Or are you having a good time? Then the new version of the game will be updated to update some of the mechanisms for the various occupations to bring new strength, but also for the love of hearthstone legend with a new experience! So let’s applause to welcome the new version — "people go to go to Moulin Rouge, who wrote this! Wipe off! Keke! "(which is of a dragon and a tiger in combat garkisen" slip ~) we don’t talk about the new card today, we also estimated more or less understanding of the new card, can feel a blizzard of intention, value of the single card currently accounted for a very high ratio or, we look forward to the follow-up card, I will for you the new card sorting ideas, a few days with you a good discussion topic. So now, this will come to have a chat with the people in the secret spread of Wushu, said that only someone can see and a practice. First of all, to understand the new version of the most distinctive places, namely the introduction of the three factions: dirty hands Party: hunting, riding, war, the smuggling of weapons; unique teaching: Law, animal husbandry, operation, illegal medicine; lotus help: Germany, thieves, SA, jade golem. Dirty hands dirty hands first party party, the same name as the gang, the three occupation is common with weapons, is the original painting and dignified and imposing man. This kind of warm blood characteristics let them come together, set up a dirty hand party, but according to the. You ask me why? Their constitution there, do not believe you can go and see. The three occupation together, would be "academic exchanges", also there will be people to steal these skills, "Hey, the walls look at other people, don’t you! Sneaking dry what? Well, give me a good school, good practice back!" What dirty hands what party secrets, has provoked people to climb the wall to steal? Let us on the wall to guess guess. Dirty hands: skills of a bulldog soldiers createdequal closed + dog than life itself and the combination of the holy ride offer, although two less damage, but also less of a fee can be started, the cost of a slight advantage, coupled with the late pat five charges of blame, than the four fee it is difficult to deal with is the primary moves dirty hands stunt in the party. Dirty hands stunt two: Simba’s self redemption long maned prairie lion + lions played a redemption of all dead, so we are trying to undo the lion, but these skills can let the lion revive, the opponent is desperate, wonderful and different approaches but equally satisfactory results and more dynamic salvation Fordring, as before. But although four wolves in the post, most afraid of is still giving AOE, of course, like a sheep, so we will not discuss the quack the spell. Three: dirty hands stunt safety shut the dog + town sheriff Rexha dog is very fierce but this is unquestionable.相关的主题文章: