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Future SUV sales Wang? Honda crown road which is most worth buying detailed Guangzhou Honda unique charm of large SUV crown Road Guangzhou Honda filed, many consumers will think fit (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), accord (ginseng, pictures, or odyssey (inquiry) ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and other models. Indeed, in the GAC Honda car system in these three models occupy a pivotal position. However, today we say the model is not one of them, because the GAC Honda in October 29, 2016 listed a medium-sized SUV- crown road. As GAC Honda launched in the country for the first time SUV, which is the most worthy of consumers who buy? Presumably this issue is also the most concerned about the topic of consumers, below, we look at this model which configuration the most value. The price of a new car car of road can be seen as the crown Concept D production version of the concept car, like bin chi (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and the relationship between XR-V, it also has a Dongfeng Honda’s "sister car" (online called "UR-V"), the new car headlights with full LED design the central flying wing, chrome grille shape, and is connected with the headlight group. Body lines, the overall line design of the car is too young, the tail of the sinking line more prominent sense of movement. The interior, crown road control provides a large LCD touch screen, and in the dashboard, door trim plate. Use wood decoration board, central armrest to open it to a certain extent to enhance the sense of luxury. In the configuration, the crown road will be equipped with a panoramic sunroof, rear side windows, rear seat heating and front and rear camera configuration. Power, the crown road system is equipped with a 2.0T dual VTC direct injection turbocharged engine, transmission system and the engine is a 9 speed automatic transmission. In addition, the new car will also use a new electronic key shift design, and provide standard, sport and comfort three driving mode selection. The whole system configuration from the whole system configuration diagram, we can see that the crown of the configuration is more abundant, especially in the internal configuration, equipped with the multifunction steering wheel, are all equipped with steering wheel shift mechanism to increase driving pleasure. Gossip is not much to say, we will directly enter the various models of the configuration of the link. Two drive Elite Edition with two drive Deluxe Edition configuration differences although the crown road minimum allocation models (370TURBO two drive Elite Edition) qualified for the needs of daily use, but in terms of configuration and time with low (370TURBO two drive Deluxe Edition) than after, found two models configured so far, we recommend. Two drive Deluxe Edition models. After seeing the crown two drive version of the configuration difference, let us look at what are the differences between the configuration of the four-wheel drive version of the model. Between the exclusive version, four-wheel drive four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive version of the GLS extreme differences in the configuration model of crown road four-wheel drive version, 4WD exclusive edition is the minimum allocation models and two other models of the configuration difference, especially with four-wheel drive, four-wheel drive version, however, the price of 329 thousand and 800 yuan is also superior version, at the same time. We do not recommend that consumers buy the car. And enjoy the four-wheel drive version compared to four-wheel drive gls.相关的主题文章: