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Fujian cold chain logistics support consumers to taste fresh Fujian "will be more easily – chief reporter Jiang Haiwen photo in what can be bought online to buy today, due to the weak cold chain logistics, resulting in fresh electricity frustrating. Especially since the beginning of this year, a large number of fresh electricity supplier bankruptcy because of logistics problems. In this case, the province began to accelerate the development of cold chain logistics, enterprises will receive subsidies of up to several million yuan. Large yellow croaker with fresh cold chain network sales of the large yellow croaker is known as "the fish", our province as "yellow croaker town", output accounted for more than 90%. No pollution of natural waters output quality, the industry has been trying to achieve with the electricity supplier to consumers, but suffer from logistics distribution lags behind, unable to swim farther. In the late summer and early autumn, our province is the most modern fresh Pseudosciaena crocea through a network of channel sales out of ideas, finally realized. The Mid Autumn Festival, found that many domestic consumers, whether in Beijing or Shanghai, the Jingdong in the fresh platform, you can like to buy in the supermarket downstairs, Fujian production of pollution-free Pseudosciaena crocea through the network platform to click, then by the Jingdong of cold chain for rapid delivery to your home. "We mainly for large yellow croaker, perch in sales, after the development of the electricity supplier, we also worked with Taobao, Jingdong, shop No. 1 of these platforms. But this piece of fresh products before, always do not rise, go up or dried fish or vacuum package of yellow croaker. Because fresh delivery is not controllable, especially seafood for freshness requirements are extremely high. On the one hand, it is difficult to ensure that the whole process of express transportation cold chain; on the other hand the consignee’s own reasons, resulting in the first time can not sign the goods." Luoyuan, a person in charge of aquatic products sales company said, because of this reason, the majority of Fujian aquaculture enterprises through the electricity supplier to carry out fresh sales accounted for less than the amount of business. It is reported that, in order to ensure fresh products do not decay, before many of Fuzhou aquaculture enterprises in the packaging of the great effort, can only be sold to 48 hours in service area of express. Not only limited in scope, packaging materials is also a small amount of investment. Cold chain logistics "big easy" government effort to support Fuzhou’s logistics enterprises said that in refrigerated transport, because only two or three cars in the small refrigerator car, they generally only in Fuzhou city or short delivery, the main customers are fixed Hotel, not only provide warehousing, point-to-point transport, or not provide fragmented delivery service. The large yellow croaker started by the electricity supplier and distribution, the premise is the cold chain giant has invested heavily in the construction of the." Provincial electricity supplier Association, said fresh electricity supplier is the most difficult to find two points, one is the product standardization, the two is cold chain logistics. It is understood that the current domestic a complete cold chain investment projects more than 100 billion yuan. A medium-sized cold chain project investment, the payback period is usually as long as six or seven years, while the large project investment is more than tens of billions of dollars on the high demand for financial strength. For example, Fujian produced large yellow croaker by Jingdong of cold chain logistics network distribution, and this network is in accordance with the very high standards of construction, investment of hundreds of billion yuan, is only in the cold storage part has a plurality of temperature control in the region, product quality control is carried out by a professional quality. This threshold for local enterprises to;相关的主题文章: