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From the "Internet plus" to "artificial intelligence + information management industry to open a new era of smart investment fund channel Chinese securities network (reporter Ding Ning) in the era of large information management, the global asset management industry began Pathfinder artificial intelligence (AI) application technology in the industry. How will technology change investment? What are the applications of artificial intelligence in the field of investment at home and abroad? What will happen to the asset management industry in the future? On these issues, August 31st, sponsored by the Chinese Fund Industry Association of Internet financial Specialized Committee, communications data hosted "the era of artificial intelligence under the information management industry development" to do the in-depth analysis and discussion forum. From the "Internet plus" to "artificial intelligence + artificial intelligence technology is sweeping the globe, the transformation of all walks of life. Data communications chairman Xiao Feng said at the forum, the artificial intelligence in the future may affect not pondering on many aspects of people. The asset management industry is no exception. Yang Qiang, director of the Department of computer science, Hong Kong University Science & Technology, the development of artificial intelligence technology to do a detailed introduction. For some necessary conditions for the success of AI, Yang Qiang believes that including the boundary to be very clear; there should be continued to have external feedback; strong computing resources; to have top cross domain experts and scientists AI data; data quality is also essential. When it comes to Internet banking and financial technology (Fintech) difference, Xiao Feng said that Internet banking is a Internet Co with some special scenes constructed on the Internet in the financial services, more is a scene of revolution. Whether it is electricity supplier or social, users can use these scenarios to provide unique financial services in the scene. The Fintech is a technological revolution, not the emphasis on the scene but technology. In the Internet financial stage, rarely found Internet Co from traditional financial institutions recruit. Because the scene is Internet Co, it can use their own scene to provide financial services. But the last six months, a large area of Internet Co dug from the traditional financial institutions, a large number of people to leave the financial or regulatory agencies to the Internet Co, because it is now Fintech. Fintech is the technological revolution. Technological revolution needs to understand the business logic of the people, Internet Co must find these asset management business veteran, it is possible to combine technical logic and business logic. Artificial intelligence + for the asset management industry, Xiao Feng thinks there are two directions: one is the 2B, intelligent investment research; one is 2C, intelligent investment adviser. Intelligent investment research is faced with professional institutions, professionals, analysts, traders, fund managers. The professional institutions between China and foreign countries are consistent in terms of technology, business and process. But the logical starting point of intelligent China investment adviser, and the United States or overseas is not the same. So how to do artificial intelligence +? Xiao Feng said, after each IT system information management company to upgrade to smart investment research system, the company should have a special person in charge, such as a data scientist, chief Fintech officer, help process and development planning for the company’s intelligence. The company also has a department of experimental test, the sunning相关的主题文章: